How to Start a Pharmacy Business in Kenya

A degree or diploma in Pharmacy is essential when opening a retail pharmacy business in Kenya. In this article, I will discuss the main things you need to know when starting a pharmacy business in Kenya that can make you a profit.

The pharmacy business is one of the few businesses that are not easily affected by economic changes in Kenya. Pharmacies serve as a vital support system for hospitals. They contribute to the reduction of hospital overcrowding by treating acute ailments.

Here is how to start a pharmacy business.

Requirements for starting a pharmacy business in Kenya

  • Academic certificates (a diploma or degree) of pharmaceutical Technologists and testimonials.
  • Registered your business as a sole proprietorship, company, or partnership.
  • Have an enrollment certificate from the Pharmacy and Poison Board of Kenya
  • Chemist premises floor plan
  • Premises registration application

How to start a pharmacy business in Kenya

1. Market research

Learn as much as possible about the pharmaceutical industry by doing a comprehensive market study, then create a complete and detailed pharmacy business plan that you can use as a guide for running your business.

2. Location

Identify a suitable business location to establish your business. You should open your pharmaceutical business in a growing neighborhood. The place must be convenient for consumers who want to walk there. Thus it is best if it’s close to residential areas.

3. Business Registration

Make the business a legal entity through registration through the eCitizen.

4. Acquire business permits and licenses

You will be required to get a trading license from the county government. A pharmacy trading license is 10,000 per year, and a practice license (is Ksh 2500).

5. Capital

Your company’s funding may come from various places, including your savings, loans from financial institutions, and contributions from members of your own family, amongst other possibilities.

Pharmacy Business in Kenya

Pharmacy business premises