How to Start a Cyber Café Business in Kenya

Have you ever wondered how the cyber café business in Kenya still exists in this modern day of smartphones and laptops? If you want to start your own cyber café business in Kenya, this article will guide you on how to open one.

The rise of smartphones and cheap personal laptops have a considerable threat to cyber cafés. However, not everyone can afford a quality smartphone and access to the internet daily. The demand for information is high, and the cheapest way to access it is through a cyber café.

There is a need to type, print, and photocopy documents; the most cost-effective way in Kenya is to visit a cyber café business. Here is how you can establish your own cyber café business.

Factors to consider when establishing a cyber café business in Kenya

1. Location.

Location is a significant element when establishing a cyber café business. The position of the cyber café plays a significant role in its success. The best place to set up your cyber café is near residential areas, learning institutions, busy streets, and public government facilities and banks.

2. Business permits and licenses.

In Kenya, to open any business, you must get a business license from the county government. A cyber café business license in Kenya costs between Ksh 5 000 to Ksh 10 000 per year. You will also be required to music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) license, signage, and county council advertising permit.

3. Internet connectivity.

The main point of visiting a cyber café if you are not printing or photocopying is to use the internet. Internet speed is what attracts people to your cyber café. Kenya has internet providers like Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom AccessKenya, and Unwired Communications Limited.

4. Equipment and furniture.

A cyber café needs a desk for the computer, a chair for each station, and a customer waiting area. A cyber café to a café must have at least three computers, a photocopier, and a printer. You can choose to buy new equipment or purchase second-hand. When buying electronic equipment, you must consider quality over quantity.

5. Partition workstations.

An excellent cyber café will need proper planning. Planning is essential in helping manage the space effectively and make it more organized. Partition is also significant in providing privacy for your customers.

6. Marketing.

The final step is advertising your cyber café business to let people know you exist and the services you provide. You can promote your café through referrals, business cards, and posters.

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