How To Sign Up For Free Netflix In Kenya

This article explains how to sign up for Netflix for free in Kenya. Thousands of internet-connected devices can access Netflix’s extensive selection of award-winning TV series, films, cartoons, documentaries, and tales.

You must be a subscriber to Netflix and sign up for one of the available packages in order to appreciate all it has to offer. Mobile package, Basic package, Standard package, and Premium package are among the available packages.

In addition to the paid packages, Netflix offers Kenyan viewers the option to experience and watch a large range of well-known TV shows, movies with award-winning scripts, and other pertinent programs and movies without paying a dime.

Kenyans may now watch Netflix on their Android phones without being interrupted by advertisements thanks to a recent Netflix promotion. There is no need to provide payment information while signing up. For the majority of Kenyans who have never watched Netflix previously owing to budgetary restrictions, this is a major victory.

The free plan is entirely different from what is offered to new users. New subscribers typically receive free trials and the premium package for the first 30 days.

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How To Sign Up For Free Netflix In Kenya

1. Open the Netflix app for Android or visit the Netflix website at

2. Type in your email address next.

3. Verify that you are over the age of 18.

4. Create your preferred password right away.

5. Double-check your password to make sure it’s accurate.

Your account will be successfully created in step 6.

7. You can continue to take advantage of Netflix’s free features. There is a large variety of films, award-winning TV shows, documentaries, cartoons, stories, and educational programs included in this.

8. You can upgrade to any of the paying packages if you’re interested and want to access the entire Netflix library or more content.