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H_art the band is one of the most celebrated Kenyan band after Sauti Sol. The qualities that should characterize Kenyan music are its lyrical content, delivery, and stage presence. Anyone who has seen a performance by H_art the Band will concur with this writer that Kenya is brimming with potential. Both the trio’s fashion sense and their dress code are delightfully original.

H_art the band Member Names

Three people make up the group. Wachira Gatama, the poet, Mordecai Mwinyi, the main singer, and guitarist Kenneth Muya make up the band.

H_ART  the Band Career


The ascent was hardly a simple walk in the park. With the exception of Mordecai, they were set book actors at the Kenya National Theatre and appeared in other short plays. Despite how much fun it was, the remuneration was only sh300 per performance, and traveling to other counties to present the plays was exhausting.

When they had to perform in far-off locations, they would frequently sleep on the road. Despite the meager coins they had collected, they felt the urge to switch to music. Wachira, who is more of a poet, was brought on board instead of Mordecai, who was initially intended to sing while Kenneth played the piano, and they haven’t looked back since. Late in 2012, the three formed a group after applying for a role in a play about cancer at the Kenya National Theatre.

They performed a political song in 2013 amid election times, and people began asking them what their band’s name was. Before that point, they had never even considered themselves to be a band. They said in an interview with Betty Kyallo on K24 that they had considered using the names Waluhya na Swag and Young Achievers before settling on H_art the band.

They joined Sauti Sol Academy and got a contract with Penya Records. They developed as a band gradually and began playing shows. They then felt prepared enough to begin a song’s recording, but the label was wary. They persisted, and the label eventually agreed to let them record a song. Uliza Kiatu (Ask my shoe), their first successful song, was released at this time. The song was a huge hit, first being played on radio stations and then on TV.

Mordecai’s worn-out, old shoes served as the basis for the song. The other two would make fun of his shoes, claiming that all it took to understand his story was to glance at his shoes. If the shoes had a voice, they would describe their problems. This song became their breakout hit and received widespread appreciation. It discussed the difficulties faced by common Kenyans who walked to work every day. Kiss FM was one of the first radio stations to play it. According to an interview conducted by The Insider, Caroline Mutoko played it on the Breakfast show before taking the guys shoe shopping.

The second song the boy band released, “Nikikutazama” (When I glance at you), was likewise a huge hit and played outside of Kenya. It was a song that praised a woman’s attractiveness while also expressing the singer’s joy at seeing the woman.

Since then, the group has grown in popularity and is now regarded as one of the best in the nation.


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2019 saw the release of their debut record, “Made in the Streets.” This is due to the fact that they were first accepted by individuals in the neighborhood because they had humble beginnings. The three previously shared a room in Kayole. The record also served as a memoir of their struggles to succeed. All of the songs on it are either entertaining, uplifting, or both. It is a piece of art. Before releasing this album, the band spent three years working on it. Guest performers on the CD include Victoria Kimani and Nyota Ndogo. The main themes are love and individualism, but it also includes the political song “Papaya,” which raises issues about the devotion of politicians and common criminals.