Kebirigo Boys KCSE Results

Kebirigo Boys is among the top-performing Extra-County schools in Kenya posting competitive grades year after year. The school is located along Nyamira-Kericho Road in the Nyamira South sub-county, Nyamira County.

The Extra-County schools are in the second tier of school categorization in the Kenyan education system. The schools admit average-performing learners after the best ones have been placed in the national schools. Besides this, the schools beyond and make the learners better than most of the national schools.

The Nyamira-based school is one of the best Extra-County Schools, we look at their recent performance in recent years.

Kebirigo Boys KCSE Results

Kebiringi Boys KCSE Results


KCSE Results 2023/24

While most of the schools of its level struggled to secure at least 50% of the University entries, Kebirigo managed to secure 98% of university entries. Of the 309 candidates who sat for the exams in 2023 only 6 students were unable to make it to the University. However, they were able to secure a place in the Technical colleges for diploma certificates. Below is the full analysis for the 2023 KCSE.

Grade           No. of Candidates 

A                  2

A-                3

B+               29

B                  104

B-                124

C+                41

C                  6

C-                 0

D+                0

D                   0

D-                  0

E                     0

X                     0

Y                     0

W                    0

Total Entries = 309

University Entries= 303

KCSE Results 2022/23

Unfortunately, their 2022 results were not captured and they are still unavailable to the public however, for 2021 their results are highlighted below.

KCSE Results 2021/22

Kebiringi Boys KCSE Results

In 2021, the Boys from Keberigo High School made history heating a mean score that many schools including some of the national schools struggle to get. That year the school recorded a mean score of 9.174 which represents a B plain. On top of that, of the 311 students who sat for the exam that year only one failed to secure a University grade thus recording a pass rate of 99.68%. Below is the grade distribution for that year.

Grade           No. of Candidates 

A                  0

A-                13

B+               107

B                  127

B-                50

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