Nakuru Boys High School KCSE Result

Nakuru Boys High School famously known as Naks High is a national public school located in Nakuru County. The school also stands out as one of the 17 national schools in Kenya which belongs to cluster 3 of the national school categorization and they have maintained their status for over 30 years.

All National Schools are normally given the priority to select the best pupils from different parts of the country. This gives them a good competitive field when it comes to the national examinations. Nakuru Boys being one of the best-performing schools, we look at their recent performance of the recent years.

Nakuru Boys High School KCSE Result

Nakuru Boys High School KCSE Results

KCSE 2023/24 Results       



The above table shows the full analysis of the 2023 KCSE Results where 298 students sat for this examination. From the analysis, the 2023 year was surely one of their best academic years averaging a mean score of 8.45, a pass rate of 84%, and over 37 students getting an A- and above.

However, despite registering a slight improvement compared to 2022 where they recorded a mean score of 8.09, the school still didn’t manage to beat their sister school Nakuru Girls High School which had a mean score of 8.50 and a pass of 92%. On top of that, they were also unable to match their 2021 record where they scored a mean score of 8.5 with 5 students getting straight As.

Nakuru Boys High School History.

Nakuru Boys High School KCSE Results

Located in Nakuru town off Nakuru-Bahati Road, Nakuru was founded in 1927 by white settlers named Frances Scott High School. Colonial Governor Edward Willian Macleay Grigg was the one who launched the construction of the school to give white settler’s children education.

The school started as a boarding but still provided a day school program for students who lived around the school. Two decades down the line the school had grown in population and infrastructure, launching a swimming pool, numerous ruby pitches, football pitches, hockey and other sports fields.

On top of that, the school was also well-equipped with learning materials including a science and a unique weather station for geography students to take their practicals.

However, the reign of the colonialist didn’t last for more than five decades since its establishment. Following, Kenya gaining independence in 1963, changes were made including the name of the school, from Francis Scott to Nakuru High School with black students earning the right to be admitted to the school.

However, the first black student to join the school suffered racial discrimination from Asian students. In 1964, the school opened its doors to black girls becoming the first co-educational school in the whole country. As it grew and Africans started gaining power, black teachers were also employed and with time Africans went on to take over the school and later separated the boys from girls, girls joined Nakuru Girls High School<