Nyabururu Girls High School KCSE Results

Nyabururu High School is a girls’ boarding school located in Kitutu Chache constituency, Kisii County. The school is among the national schools in Kenya and one of the two national schools in Kisii County the other one being Kisii High School.

Being a National School the school falls under cluster 1 of national school becoming one of the schools that were promoted to the national level in 2012. Initially, national schools were only 18 countrywide and in 2011 the then-minister of education promoted schools that were performing well in the national exams including Nyambururu.

In this article, we highlight their recent performance for the recent years.

Nyabururu High School KCSE Results.

Nyabururu Girls High School KCSE Results

For the past two years, their mean score has been moving in a downtrend with slight deviations. Below is the analysis of the previous three years.

KCSE Results 2023/24

The 2023 year was one of the best years for Nyabururu Girls recording a mean score of 8.40 and a pass rate of 87%. Other than recording impressive performance the school also managed to set a new record of registering 702 students for the KCSE and 611 of those students earning University grades. Even though they didn’t manage to match the 2022 record where they had a mean score of 8.63 and a pass rate of 90%, they did a tremendous job nurturing such a huge number of candidates. Below is the full breakdown of the results.

Grades          No. of Candidates

A                    9

A-                   47                  

B+                  131

B-                   161

B                     138

C+                   125

C                      69

C-                      21

D+                    0

D                       0

D-                     0

E                       0

X                       1

Y                       0

Total Entries= 700

University Entries= 611

KCSE Results 2022/23

Nyabururu Girls High School KCSE Results

In 2022, the school had a strong performance, even though they didn’t manage to earn an A in all 424 entries. The school still managed to earn a good mean score of 8.6 which is better compared to what they recently posted in the 2023 exams where they had 9 A’s. Below is the grade distribution for the 2022 results.