Sironga Girls High School KCSE Results

Sironga Girls is one of the two national schools found in Nyamira County sitting in the same county as academic giants Nyambaria Boys. The school also stands out as one of the best schools located in the Abagusii land. The school competes hand in hand with the likes of Kebirigo Boys, Moi Gemususu, and others.

The national schools in Kenya are categorized into three different clusters, Clusters 1 and 2 which carry the schools that were promoted from Extra-County schools while Cluster 3 carries the 18 schools that were established as national schools since the departure of the colonial ruler.

Sironga Girls sits in the second cluster, in our article we highlight their recent performance in recent years.

Sironga Girls High School KCSE Results

Sironga Girls KCSE Results

KCSE Results 2023/24

In 2023, the school posted an impressive performance earning a mean grade of 8.01, a better performance compared to their 2022 performance where they scored a mean grade of 7.69. Additionally, the school also recorded an improvement in their pass rate recording a pass rate of 89%, 12% more than what they had earned in 2022. Below is the grade distribution for 2023.

Grade               Entries 

A                        0

A-                       7

B+                       39

B                          133

B-                        167

C+                        115

C                           46

C-                         10

D+                         2

D                           0

D-                         0

E                            0

X                            0

Y                             0

Total Entries= 519

University Entries= 461

KCSE Results 2022/23

The 2022 year was rough for the Maroon girls compared to the previous year. Despite recording two strong As the school also recorded a drop in the mean score, falling from 8.76 in 2021 to 7.69 in 2022. The pass rate was also affected dropping from 98% to 77%. However, the school still managed to rise in the 2023 exams going back to their average range. Below is the analysis fo the results.

Grade               Entries 

A                        2

A-                       12

B+                       33

B                         58

B-                        55

C+                       81

C                         42

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