Tenwek High School KCSE Results

Tenwek High School is a boys’ national school located in Bomet County sitting in the list of 25 national schools in the cluster 2 category. Tenwek Boys’ is among the schools that earned their national status due to their impressive performance since it was a provincial school earlier.

National schools are spread in different counties in Kenya with some counties having over five national schools. However, for Bomet Tenwek is the only national school in that county and unfortunately, it serves only one gender.

Being the only national school in the region it has dominated the region for years as the best performing school in Bomet County. In this article, we highlight some of their recent performance in the recent years.

Tenwek High School KCSE Results

Tenwek High School KCSE Results

KCSE Results 2023/24

Other than being one of the best-performing schools in the Rift Valley region, Tenwek also emerged as one of the top schools in the 2023 KCSE results. The school posted stunning results averaging a mean score of 9.33, a huge improvement compared to their 2022 mean grade where they had a mean score of 8.76.

Additionally, the school also managed to score 20 straight As and 70 A- bringing the total number of candidates with A- and above to 90 which is quite impressive. On top of that, 96% of students managed to secure University positions with only 4% remaining behind but with a chance in the technical schools. Below is the full analysis of the 2023 KCSE.

Grades            No. of Candidates

A                      20

A-                     70

B+                     103

B                       102

B-                      55

C+                      32

C                         14

C-                        1

D+                        1

D                          0

D-                        0

E                          0

X                          0

Y                          0

Total Entries= 398

University Entries= 382

KCSE Results 2022/23

In the year 2022, the Boys posted good grades, averaging a mean score of 8.756 with 328 candidates sitting for the exam that year. The school recorded a pass rate of over 70% that year. However, the full analysis for that year is still unavailable in the public domain.

KCSE Results 2021/22

2021 was an average year for the Bomet-based school posting a mean score of 8.4047 and a pass rate of 85.95%. On top of that, 4 students of the 299 who sat for the exams managed to earn a straight A. Below is the full distribution of the grades.

Grades            No. of Candidates

A                      4

A-                     32

B+                     49

B                       65