DJ Brownskin Biography, Real Name, Age, Family, and Net Worth

Michael Macharia Njiri, often known as DJ Brownskin, is a Kenyan performer and deejay who is renowned for his skillful mixes and compelling performances. We shall examine DJ Brownskin’s life, profession, personal history, family, and other topics in this biography.

The Kenyan DJ Brownskin is under investigation after a video purportedly showing him filming his deceased wife consuming an unidentified chemical that caused her death went viral online. The woman is seen holding a cup and adding something to it in the video, which has infuriated many Kenyans, before taking the mixture and threatening to commit suicide.

One of their kids is asked to give the mother milk by Brownskin, who was capturing the events on camera while reclining on a couch. She had used a lot of drugs, the man who was filming the scene can be heard stating in the background.

Kenyans are responding to the popular video on Twitter and demanding an investigation on the DJ for allegedly not stepping in. On July 30, 2022, DJ Brownskin revealed the passing of his wife, Sharon Njeri, after she allegedly committed suicide.

Video of Sharon Njeri suicide on camera

Dj Brownskin

Following her claimed poisoned death, a video of a Kenyan woman named Sharon Njeri alias Shadodo became popular on social media. According to reports, the incident happened on July 29, 2022. In the video, Sharon can be seen ingesting what appears to be a lethal chemical as DJ Brownskin Fullu Fullu, the man who is thought to be her husband, psyches her up.

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Sharon Njeri’s  Last Words

The empty bottle is thrown at the man in the video, which has since gone viral on social media. Sharon then appears to leave the room by walking away before coming back and lying down. Then Sharon takes a quick nap, and when she wakes up she is still seated with her back to the house’s floor.

“I’m through. In the video, DJ Brownskin’s wife mumbles, “Tell my kids and everybody I love them.

The man who appears to be filming the scene sits quietly the entire time and does nothing to save her life. He eventually requests some milk from the home staff but doesn’t bother to assist her. The allegedly dangerous material starts to affect her at that point, and she eventually succumbs to it.

DJ Brownskin’s Response

The man in the video is thought to be DJ Brownskin, but The Star was unable to confirm this. At the time of publication, the DJ had not replied to a text message asking him to confirm, verify, or deny the viral video. DJ Brownskin, however, expressed his wife’s loss in August 2022 and said:

“When a man is on his knees, he is tried the most. when he has unanswered questions. When he needs to muster up the courage to tell himself to “be a man,” he does so. What exactly does it mean to be a guy, though?

“On July 29, everything in my life as I knew it was dramatically altered. The recent occurrences have completely shocked me! As a guy, father, husband, friend, and entertainer, they have put me to the test. But Isaiah 43:2’s words give me consolation.

I’ll be at your side while you cross the water, and the rivers won’t sweep you under as you cross them.

“To my children, I promise to lean on you as you lean on me,” DJ Brownskin added, making good on his commitment. I swear to keep going and to keep providing guidance as I make my way toward even understanding what the word “direction” really means.

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Celebrating Sharon’s Birthday Posthumously

Brownskin posted on his social media sites on December 22, 2022, to wish his late wife a happy birthday and to honor her.