Chimano Biography, Education, Career, Personal Life and networth

The baritone vocalist and singer for Sauti Sol is Willis Austin Chimano. He is a well-known Kenyan performer thanks to his wide vocal range and undeniable artistic talent.

This article examines Chimano’s life story, focusing on his upbringing, education, professional development, and personal experiences.

Chimano Age and Place of Birth

He was born on July 9, 1987, to strict parents in Kenya. He claims that as a youngster, he had a hard time making friends and frequently kept to himself.

Chimano Education Background

Before completing his primary schooling, he attended four different primary schools. He initially enrolled at Kakamega High School for secondary education before changing to Upper Hill High School, where he first met Bien and Savara before meeting Polycarp.

Chimano enrolled in the University of Nairobi after high school to pursue a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media studies.

Chimano Career Journey


When the band started writing music in 2005, he began his musical career. Since then, the trio has collaborated to create the studio albums Mwanzo, Sol Filosofoia, Live and Die in Afrika, Afrikan Sauce, and Midnight Train.

In 2021, the band members began their individual careers while maintaining the band’s unique identity and existence. After releasing a highly anticipated song on Friday, December 3, Willis Austin Chimano made a strong start by garnering over 427k views within a few days.

After coming out as gay, he released the album Heavy is the Crown, which includes the song Friday Feeling as a tribute to the LGBTQ+ community. He claimed that giving up concealing and starting to be himself had made him happy.

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at the Sol Fest with Jameson, he announced the release of his other project Hallelujah, which is premiered on their youtube channel. in January. On December 8, 2021,  Sauti Sol has been working hard to get ready for the 12th Demeber event, for which there were no gate tickets and all tickets had already sold out, signifying success for the event.

Chimano Personal Life