Ajib Gathoni Biography, Tiktok, Career And Relationship

Ajib Gathoni is an award-winning Kenyan content creator and one of the most followed Kenyans on Tiktok. She has over 1.2 million followers on Tiktok.

She has an exceptional fan base because of her captivating charisma and dance talents. As a result, several companies have partnered with her to promote their goods.

She has collaborated with companies like Coca Cola and Safaricom because of her enormous influence and following among young people. She was also nominated for the Pulse Influencer Award and won the best dance influencer of the year 2022 category.

Because of her incredible flexibility and dancing skills, she has daily gains in followers across all social media platforms.

Here is Jambo Daily’s account of her life.

Ajib Gathoni Age/Birthday

Ajib Gathoni

Mombasa is where she was born and nurtured.

Educational Background

She went to both primary and secondary schools in Mombasa. She finished high school in 2017 and her family decided to relocated to Nairobi in 2019.

Her mother was ill at the time, and they were making arrangements for her to get treatment in India.

They started their journey in the nation’s capital city when her mother chose to return to Nairobi and make a fresh start.

Gathoni Career

She danced with a group named Exodus Hype Movers in Mombasa before relocating to Nairobi. When COVID-19 struck later, she was bored because there was nothing to do. She consequently came upon Tik Tok and started uploading dance videos there.

She used to upload videos of herself moaning to different music. She viewed the dance as simply art, even though others saw it as provocative. Her mother, who loved what she was doing, was one of her fans. She soon became well-known after receiving positive feedback on her videos.

She started off doing it for fun before realizing there was money to be made. Her first brand gave her Ksh6,000. She was overjoyed to learn that a company would compensate her for doing what she loves.

Astute businesswoman, she and her ex-boyfriend Josh launched a clothes line. Their brand is called Random Wear.

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When they donned something and a fan inquired about how they might have the same, the concept was born. As a result, they started the company and chose the ideal name.

She fully engaged herself in it, learning all there was to know about materials and needlework. She later disclosed that random wear had closed down following her breakup with her fiancé.

She is still quite popular and makes videos today. She stated that not everyone succeeds in the content development industry in a recent interview with KTN.

To keep fans interested, those who create it should make an effort to provide original material and maintain consistency. People will grow weary of the same old thing every day and move on.


She was named the Tik Tok dancer of the year in 2020.

She took both the Dancer of the Year and Tik Tok awards from Pulse in 2021.

Ajib Gathoni was nominated for the Pulse Award in 2023 and won Dancer of the Year in 2022. She placed among the top three even though she did not win.

Ajib Gathoni Relationship/Break Up

Josh Wonder and the content creator were romantically involved. After meeting, the two started creating video for Tik Tok, taking followers on a love trip. In March 2023, it became clear that they were no longer together, and she confirmed this.

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