10 Kenyans Making Big Moves Abroad

Here is a list of Kenyans making big moves abroad. When it comes to succeeding in life outside of their home country, Kenyans have shown to be rather cunning. And the fascinating thing is that every time they travel abroad, they end up adjusting so effortlessly and blending in without much effort.

Let’s start by naming a few Kenyans who are securing their bag while abroad.

10 Kenyans Making Big Moves Abroad

1. Andrew Kibe

Andrew Kibe.Photo/Courtesy

YouTuber Andrew Kibe is the topic that is most obvious. When it comes to disparaging his fellow celebs who reside in Kenya, the guy has had a field day. The ironic part is that his skits have attracted a number of devoted followers, the majority of whom support toxic masculinity.

2. Ibrahim Onami


He has been updating Kenyans on the dos and don’ts of living in the United States. His name is Ibrahim Onami and he owns a popular Youtube channel known as “Huku Yues”. He has also become well-known thanks to his TikTok material.

He previously said that a dry spell in the US is unavoidable and that it’s difficult to approach a woman there since it can give an incorrect impression. He urged Kenyans to take their own women on foreign travels.

3. Kevin Onyona- Swahili Village founder

Big Moves Abroad

The well-known Washington, DC, restaurant Swahili Village is owned by chef Kevin Onyona. He made a $2 million investment and serves Kenyan food there.

4. Eng. Charly Mwangi

Mwangi. Photo/File

With his engineering expertise, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) alumnus Charly Mwangi is revolutionizing the electric vehicle market. He is currently a principal engineer with Tesla.

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5. Abubakar Abbas


Abubakar Abbas, a Kenyan who has gained notoriety for giving directions to visitors in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup, claims he secured his role by chance. The young man recently disclosed that he arrived in Qatar by pure chance and that he thought God played a significant role in his existence there.

A metro man featured in a popular video was brought to the stadium and spoke to the crowd there. Once his viral video went viral, he gained notoriety and impressed online users.