10 Kenyan Celebrities Who Were Caught Cheating

Many Kenyan celebrities caught cheating usually deny the claims but accept later due to pressure from their wives or fans.

According to popular belief, married men are expected to be devoted to their wives for all eternity. Humans, on the other hand, are prone to making mistakes. Many people have had nightmares as a result of this over the years, and celebrities are not immune.

Kenyan celebrities have been known to serve their fans all kind of drama and dilemma disguised for entertainment. Cheating has so far remained one of the most prevalent causes of drama in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Several celebrities have been caught cheating, and this has caused mayhem. Some have ended up divorcing while others separate for a while before the midnight cold becomes unbearable, causing a re-union.

Today we look at some of the Kenyan male celebrities who were caught red-handed pants-down with their side chicks.

Kenyan Celebrities Who Were Caught Cheating

1. Samidoh



If you haven’t heard about Samidoh’s scandal, you obviously don’t live in Kenya. He cheated on his devoted wife Edday Nderitu with Caren Nyamu. They were exposed on Edgar Obare’s page, and Samidoh admitted guilt and publicly apologized.

If you think Samidoh stopped cheating after the expose, then you are wrong. He continued with his mischievous behaviors and impregnated Karen Nyamu for the second time.

He was recently seen with his side chick in what appeared to be yet another cheating affair. His wife, who could not take it anymore took to social media to express her disappointment in rather a long post. In the post, she swore not to forgive her cheating husband again.

2. Jalang’o


The celebrated Kenyan comedian turned politician was unable to face Kenyans after it was revealed that he allegedly cheated on his wife while chasing adventures with his boys’ club, as revealed on Edgar Obare’s page.

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3. Alex Mwakindeu

Celebrities Caught Cheating

For the longest time, the Milele Fm radio host retained a happy married man image, but that all came crashing down when it was revealed that he had allegedly deceived on his wife with his then-producer.

Alex personally affirmed the accusation and handled him a big blow in a series of media interviews.

4. King Kaka