Top Kenyan Music Awards

Various Kenyan music awards recognize artists’ hard work, hence awarding them in their different categories and genres. We will be listing the top 8 most popular Kenya music awards.

Top 10 Top Kenyan Music Awards

1. Groove Awards

Groove Awards

This is one of the most prestigious music awards in Kenya, recognizing outstanding achievements in gospel music. It celebrates artists, songwriters, producers, and performers who have significantly contributed to the gospel music industry.

2. Kisima Music Awards

The Kisima Music Awards honor excellence in Kenyan music across various genres, including Afro-pop, hip-hop, gospel, reggae, and traditional music. It has been a platform for recognizing emerging talents and promoting Kenyan music on the international stage.

3. Chaguo La Teeniez Awards

This award ceremony celebrates the achievements of young artists in Kenya. It recognizes the talents of teenagers and young adults in music, acting, and other entertainment fields. Remember when CMB Prezzo showed up with a chopper for these awards back in the day?

CMB Prezzo Shows up at Chaguo La Teeniez Awards in a Helicopter

4. Pulse Music Video Awards

These awards acknowledge the creativity and innovation in music videos produced by Kenyan artists. It highlights the visual storytelling aspect of music and recognizes directors, producers, and artists who have created exceptional music videos.

5. Afrimma Awards

Although not exclusively for Kenyan artists, the Afrimma Awards recognize African musicians across various genres. It showcases the diversity and talent of Kenyan artists on the continental stage, celebrating their contributions to African music.

Afrimma Awards

6. Sondeka Awards

The Sondeka Awards honor excellence in music production, songwriting, and performances. It recognizes the behind-the-scenes talents that contribute to the success of Kenyan music, such as sound engineers, producers, and music arrangers.

7. Mdundo Music Awards