List of Free Online Movie Streaming Sites – No Sign Up Required

The world of free online movie streaming sites began a long while back. At about the same time internet speeds around the world began to support video streaming.

Similar to video streaming services like YouTube and Vimeo, movie streaming sites offer their viewers the chance to enjoy the latest movies and series online for free.

The major reason these sites are infamous is due to the fact that the free online movie streaming service is considered to be illegal as it infringes the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). An act that protects against copyright infringement by unauthorized parties.

The Convenience of Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Imagine sitting at home on a weekend, a blockbuster has just been released. You have the option to go to a cinema, such as the IMAX cinemas around the city, but that might be too costly.

You have the option of streaming free movies on your couch! All you need is a good internet connection, a smartphone, computer or smart TV!

The movies and series on these platforms are regularly updated and what’s more, you do not need to sign up as you do on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HULU. But can watch all movies and series available on these platforms.

It all comes down to whether you are okay watching pirated movies and series for free or now.

List of Sites to Watch Movies Online Free On.

Below is a list of some sites you can watch movies online free at home or anywhere you want to for that matter.

All of these sites use popunders or other means of advertisement to earn a living. So be sure to install an ad blocker on your browser before visiting these sites to enjoy the best movie streaming experience.

  3. Vumoo
  4. couchtuner
  5. 9anime – for anime fans.
  6. FlixHQ

The beauty of these sites, you can also cast them from your phone to your smart TV while at home so you can enjoy the movies as a family. This comes in handy when your smart tv doesn’t have a good browser but allows casting.

These are the main free movie streaming sites available online right now. If you think we have left out any other site that you enjoy streaming from, post the link n the comment section below and we will add it to the list.

Downloading Movies For Free Online.

To download movies from the above streaming sites, you will need to use downloading software.

The most popular and cheapest option is the Internet download manager. It is offered for free for 30 days after which you need to purchase the license. The lifetime license costs about $25/computer.

You can use the IDM software to download videos on YouTube and other video sites. It is quite a handy product.

There is other downloading software out there, but we have tested and proven that IDM is the best software for the job.

After installing the IDM, simply visit the streaming site you desire to download from, and you’ll see a blue button on the top left corner of the video player. Click to download. It’s that simple!

Here’s a tutorial on how to download movies free online on the Soap2day website:

How to Download Movies on Soap2day

Try downloading a movie for free online today. Share the experience on what software you used to download and we’ll consider adding it to the list.

In Conclusion.

There are many ways to watch movies online. You can pay for streaming services such as Amazon Prime or Netflix like I have. Or you can use these free movie streaming sites to enjoy both new and old movies in the comfort of your home.

The method shown above is what these movie street vendors around the city and other parts of the country use. That’s a new trick up your sleeve. Happy streaming!