Starehe Boys’ High School KCSE Results

Starehe Boys’ Centre is one of the big names that you can’t leave behind when it comes to giant national schools in Kenya that do well in academics. The school was founded in 1959 by the late Dr. Geoffrey Griffin, the late Joseph Gikubu and Geoffrey Geturo.

Other than academics the school is also known for its unique mode of dressing, while most boys in secondary school dress in trousers Starehe boys go for shorts, a rare dressing code in secondary schools. It’s one of the biggest schools in Kenya that is committed to ensuring bright boys from poor backgrounds get quality education.

The school started as a rescue center and now it has grown to become one of the most coveted schools in Kenya. The school has managed to maintain a good run in the KCSE performance for the year and this article highlights their performance for the recent years.

Starehe Boys' KCSE Results

Starehe Boys’ High School KCSE Results

Speaking of their recent performance in recent years the school has been on an up-trend curve increasing their mean score year after year. In 2018 the school had a mean score of 8.7344 earning 225 entries to the University. In 2019 they rose to 8.9098 and the number of University entries rose to 230. Below we give the full report of 2020, 2021, and 2022.

KCSE Results 2022/23

Grade             No. of Candidates 

A                      10

A-                      49

B+                      85

B                        54

B-                       32

C+                        29

C                           10

C-                         4

D+                         1

D                            0

D-                          0

E                            0

X                            0

Y                            0

Total Candidates= 274

 University Entry= 269

KCSE Results 2021/22

In 2021 the boys in blue shorts attained a mean score of 9.4424 the best mean score compared to what they had earned in 2022, 2020, 2019, and 2018.

Grade             No. of Candidates 

A                      10

A-                     60

B+                     94

B                       42

B-                      16