St. Anthony Boys’ Kitale High School KCSE Results

St.Anthony Boys’ Kitale High School is a public boarding high school well known for its performance in academics and sports. The school has established itself as the King of secondary school soccer and it has pocketed four championships since the inception of the tournament.

The school is not only good on the field but it also does exceptionally well when it comes to books and it’s one of the schools that have been ranked in the top 100 in the KCSE Results of the recent years.

Their improved performance has been growing rapidly and from being ranked at the county level now the school is being ranked at a national level.  In our feature, we look at their KCSE Results of recent years. We will also take a look at their history as well as their admission process.

St. Anthony Boys’ Kitale High School KCSE Results.

St. Anthony Boys' Kitale KCSE Results

St. Anthony Boys has been one of the average-ranking schools for a while now until 2022 when they managed to land in the top 15 list of top-performing schools that year. The school managed to enter a countrywide ranking in 2020 after they were ranked 64th overall, in 2021 they improved their ranking to 59th.

After 2021 they skyrocketed from 59th and went full force to the top 15 ranking 11th country-wide, their mean grade went from 8.3 to 10.23. This was their best performance ever since the inception of the school in 1969.

KCSE Results 2022/23

Grades            No. of Candidates 

A                        41

A-                      148

B+                      170

B                         69

B-                       9

C+                       0

C                         0

C-                       0

D+                      0.

D                         0

D-                       0

E                         0

X                         0

Y                         0

Total Candidates= 437

Total University Entry= 437