Pastor Paul Mackenzie Bio, Age, Cultism, Church and Net Worth.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie, born Paul Nthenge Mackenzie is a self-proclaimed Kenyan pastor who administers at the Good News International Church in Kilifi County. Mackenzie is a household name in Shakahola, Kilifi County where he has been delivering his sermons.

However, the so-called man of God has caught the attention of many after he decided to silently shift from a pastor to a cult leader in the name of “Jesus Christ.” While other pastors feed their followers with the word, pastor Paul guided them to graveyards by starving them to death.

In our feature, we cover the story of the “Killer Pastor,” who manipulated his followers and their children leaving them to die of hunger.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Career.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Bio

Mackenzie has been a controversial pastor for a while and he’s well known for delivering his sermons under trees in his 10-acre land. Prior to his so-called calling, Mackenzie worked as a taxi driver from 1997 to 2003.

His journey to mislead children of God began in Malindi county and after some time, he closed the church citing he had finished his work there. In 2019, he moved to Shakahola, in Kilifi County. His move to Shakahola has turned into a massacre as 58 Kenyans have already lost their lives after being manipulated by the pastor.

Prior to his detainment, it seemed the pastor was eating and drinking as his followers died of hunger.


Pastor Paul Mackenzie Bio
Bodies of Cult Victims Exhumed (Photo/Courtesy)

After doing great things to help the community, Paul Mackenzie decided to drain it all. The Good News International Church leader is said to have commanded his followers to starve themselves to death in order to meet Jesus.  As of 23/4/2023, the number of bodies that had been discovered was over 30 including children.

In the name of meeting Jesus, two young boys lost their lives in the custody of their parents and the pastor was arrested but later released on Ksh 10,000 bond. However, things got worse as the police raided Shakahola village where they rescued 11 people who were also ready to meet Jesus.

According to reports, the pastor instructed his followers to quit their jobs, skip meals and stay away from medical attention. On top of that, he also asked his loyal followers to stop taking their children to school and instead visit Church for life lessons.

This is not the first time the pastor has been arrested for feeding his followers with wrong information. In 2017, he was arrested alongside 35 students who have instructed to quit their education citing that it was unGodly.

The church-cult leader has been against education for a while as his children never went to school. According to the police report, the pastor is also following his own instruction as he has refused to eat anything since his arrest.