Pangani Girls High School KCSE Results

Pangani Girls High School is among the top-performing national schools in Kenya and it has managed to establish its name in the country due to its impressive performances year after year. Being a girls’ school its aim is to produce strong women who will excel in society.

Since its promotion to a national school in 2011, Pangani  Girls has maintained a good performance track record, earning one of the most applied girls schools in Kenya. The Starehe-based school has not only produced numerous top candidates countrywide, but it has also managed to rank top ten for numerous years.

Five years after its promotion, the school produced the top candidate in the 2017 KCSE Results. Kirimi Naomi Kawira emerged as the first student countrywide in 2017 after she secured a strong A of 87.011 points. However, despite producing the top student that year, the school was ranked 10th as they averaged a  mean score of 66.22232.

In 2018, they maintained their position of producing the top candidate countrywide. This time around, Otieno Irine Juliet became their champion securing a strong A of 87.644 points. That year,  the ranking dropped from 10th to 18th averaging a mean score of 61.45.

In 2019, things didn’t pan out as they had expected as they didn’t manage to get an entry in the top ten performing students that year. However, the school’s ranking improved from 18th to 13th that year earning 9.56 points.

In our feature, we highlight their KCSE Results of recent years.

Pangani Girls High School KCSE Results

Pangani Girls High School KCSE Results

KCSE Results 2022/23

The 2022 year was among the best year for Pangani Girls as they secured a mean grade of 10.49 ranking 7th in that year’s exams. Below is the breakdown of the 2022 KCSE results for Pangani Girls High School.

Grade             No. of Candidates 

A                    20

A-                   94

B+                   92

B                     79

B-                    33

C+                   22

C                     8

C-                    6

D+                   2

D                      0

D-                     1

E                        0

X                        0

Y                        0

Total Students= 357