Mang’u High School KCSE Results

Mang’ High School is a Roman Catholic National School founded in 1925 by Michael Joseph Witte. The school is among the top-notch national schools in Kenya and the hub of young innovators. However, despite being the best school, its admission is very selective as only top performing students in Kenya Certificate of Primary School get the opportunity to join them.

Mang’u is the only High School in Kenya that owns an aircraft, this is because it has an Aviation Technology program. The program has been in existence since 1961 but it was strengthened by Kipchumba Murkomen in partnership with Kenya Airways.

Their boost came as an award of Boeing B737-700, the plane will help the students interested in aviation to convert theories into practicals. Other than aviation the school also has a well-equipped computer lab donated by Kenya Airways. On top of that, it was the first school African school in East Africa to introduce the full science course which is chemistry, biology, and physics in 1951.

Since its inception, the school has been performing exceptionally since it has been admitting bright students both from abled families and those with challenged backgrounds. Due to the support of admitting students from poor backgrounds, the school receives additional funds from the government to keep things running.

In 1989 it was ranked first nationwide for the first time in KCSE before earning the position back in 2007. On top of that,  the school has also produced top students countrywide severally including 2021 where Jeriel Ndeda Obura was named as the top student countrywide.

Being in existence for more than nine decades, Mangu has produced some of the great leaders in Kenya including the late President Emilio Mwai Kibaki and his Vice President Moody Awori. Others include the late Tom Mboya, the late John Michuki, Hon. Evans Kidero, Dr. Patrick Njoroge former Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, and many more.

In our article, we look at the KCSE Results for Mang’u High School.

Mang’u High School KCSE Results

Mang'u High School KCSE Results

KCSE Result 2022/23

The 2022 year was a good year for them even though they never led they still portrayed good performance hitting 99.4% pass. Below are the results for the 2022/23

Grade                                            No. of Candidates

A                                                   81

A-                                                 192

B+                                                  113

B                                                   70

B-                                                 34

C+                                                7

C                                                  3

C-                                                0

D+                                               0

D                                                 0

D-                                               0

E                                                 0

X                                                 0

Y                                                 0


Number of Candidates = 500

University Entries= 497

KCSE Result 2021/22

In 2021 the school bounced back to its winning streak producing the top student in the country. Ndeda Obura scored an A plain of 87.167 points. It went on and produced over 100 A’s and once again it secured 99% of university entries. Below are the results.

Grade                                            No. of Candidates

A                                                  110

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