Lugulu Girls KCSE Results

Lugulu Girls is one best-performing public national schools in the category of girls, located at the heart of Bungoma County, Webuye town. The school is classified as a cluster 1 national school despite it being one of the oldest schools in the country established in 1913.

Their stellar performance year in and year out contributed a lot to their promotion from provincial schools now Extra County Schools to national schools. The school has established itself as a center of academic excellence and despite KNEC putting a stop to school ranking back in 2018, their mean grades always rank in the list of top 50 best-performing schools in Kenya.

In this article, we highlight their recent years’ performances as well as their rich history.

Lugulu Girls KCSE Results

Lugulu Girls High School

KCSE Results 2023/24

The 2023 KCSE had the highest number of As compared to 2022, 1,216 of 899,453 managed to secure A plains. However, of the same number of candidates, 48,174 luck was not on their side as they went home with a mean grade of E. While a huge number of students recorded an E grade, Lugulu Girls only missed one position in their entry. The school had 605 students and 604 scored above C+ while the remaining candidates scored a C plan. Below is the full analysis.

Grade         No. of Candidates 

A                 1

A-               64

B+              199

B                 234

B-                84

C+               22

C                  1

C-                 0.

D+                 0

D                   0

D-                 0

E                   0

X                   0

Y                   0


Total Entry= 604

University Entry 604

KCSE Results 2021/22