List Of International Airports In Kenya

List of International Airports in Kenya. Kenya is one of the most developed countries in Africa with modern and high-class infrastructures. Speaking of International airports, these are airports that have the capacity to handle international flights enabling people to fly in and out of the country.

With high numbers of visitors in and out of the country, Kenya has been ranked as one of the top African countries with well-equipped international airports. Below is the list of International Airports in Kenya.

List of International Airports In Kenya

1. Jomo Kenya International Airport

International Airports in Kenya
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport [Photo/Courtesy]
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, well known as JKIA is among the biggest airports in Africa. The airport is situated at the core of Kenya’s City, Nairobi. The airport is able to facilitate more than 40 passengers airline and over 25 cargo airlines.

In addition, the Airport also boasts one runway that extends 60 meters wide and 4.2 kilometers long. Moreover, the government has put in place plans to build a new runway that will be much bigger than the current one. According to reports, the Airport serves over 5 million passengers per year.

2. Moi International Airport

International Airports in Kenya

The airport is also regarded as one of the best airports in Kenya and East Africa as a whole. Moi International airport is located at the center of tourist attractions, the coastal region in Mombasa County. It boasts two runways with the first runway going 3.35 kilometers long while the other runway goes 1.26 kilometers. In addition, it handles around 18 airlines that fly direct to and from Europe.

3. Kisumu International Airport

KIA is considered the third biggest airport in Kenya located in northwest Kisumu town.  In 2011 the government placed Ksh 3 billion to expand the airport, where new terminals were added and the runways were extended from 2 kilometers to 3.3 kilometers. Being one of the busiest airports in Kenya it serves around 2 million people per year

4. Eldoret International Airport

International Airports in Kenya

The airport is located about 16 Km off from the City of champions, Eldoret town. The airport boast one classy 3.5 Kilometres runway, their opening hours starts at 0330hrs to 1730hrs GMT but the hours can be extended upon request. At the moment the airport has three scheduled international cargo flights as well as numerous ad hoc freighter per week.

5. Malindi International Airport