Kenyan Job Groups, Salaries Explained

Did you know, Kenyan government employees are categorized into different groups depending on their ranks? Well, in this article we explain the Kenyan Job Groups and Salaries supposed you earn a position in one of these groups.

Earning a spot in the civil servant docket is termed a privilege in Kenya as it comes with plenty of allowances and opportunities for financial loans. Since the government hires all kinds of people depending on their qualifications. The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) uses a job grading system to support equal pay for equal value.

SRC was formed in 2011, and since its establishment, the civil servant sector gained a new face as workers started receiving substantial amounts and allowances at the end of the month. The increase in salaries helped prevent the civil servant strikes that were on the street from time to time demanding better pay.

Job Groups and Their Salaries

Kenyan Job Groups and Salary


1. Job Group B1

Job Group 1 is considered the lowest job group in Kenya, employees under this job category are low-skilled and they were previously in Job groups A, B, C, and D. Some of the workers falling in this category include, Attendant III, Officer III, Support Staff, and Operator III.

Salary Scale in this category starts from 11,553 to Ksh 14,442.

2. Job Group B2

In this category, those who previously served in group E are now in B2. This category is for skilled and low-level supervisory workers. The salary scale starts from 14,007 to Ksh 17,508.

3. Job Group B3

This was initially group F and this category earns a little bit better with their salary scale ranging from Ksh 16,777 to Ksh 20,972.

4. Job Group B4

B4 was initially group G, this group consist of skilled fellows, and their basic salary ranges from 19,859 and Ksh 24,823.

5. Job Group B5

This job group mostly consists of Seniors and top executives in different sectors. Their basic salary ranges from 23,176 to Ksh 28,970.

6. Job Group C1

C1 consists of professionals though not that skilled but qualified in a certain profession. This job group earns way better than all the B-group categories. Their basic salary starts from Ksh 28,970 to Ksh 39,110.

7. Job Group C2

With the current salary structure,  workers in this group earn, a basic salary of 36,411 to 47,373. Initially, this was categorized as job group K whose Salary was Ksh 31,020.

8. Job Group C3

This was formerly group L, the group mostly consists of fresh graduates, and job training is always undertaken before the start of the job. Their Salary ranges from Ksh 44,898 and Ksh 56,326.

9. Job Group C4

Candidates with higher academic qualifications and little experience in their profession always fall into this category. Their basic salary starts from 54,532 to Ksh 68,165.

10. Job Groups C5

Salary in this job group starts from 65,919 to Ksh 81,148. In this category candidates undergo normal training and after serving as graduate training they earn a promotion.

11. Job Groups D1

This also serves as one of the best-paying job groups in Kenya, employees in this category earn a basic salary of 81,148 to Ksh 109,550

12. Job Group D2

This group earns a basic salary of 97,184 to Ksh 130,226.

13 . Job Group D3

This group entails management levels that are more professional and qualified to hold those positions. They earn a basic salary of 114,334 to Ksh 152,064.

14. Job Group D4

This job group is for highly skilled and their salary ranges from 132,178 to Ksh 174,425.