Kenya High School KCSE Results

Kenya High School is one of the best girls’ schools in Kenya and among the top-performing schools in Kenya located in Kileleshwa,  Westlands Ward, Nairobi County. The school was founded in 1910 as a European School going by the name of Nairobi European School.

After numerous transitions including the colonial government initiating the classification of secondary schools, in 1935 the school was renamed The European Girls. In 1951, the school moved to its current premises in Kileleshwa occupying a 150-acre piece of land.

Ten years later after moving to Kileleshwa, the school admitted its first African girl by the name of Ann Mithamo. This paved way for the African girls to access education at the school. After Ann Mithamo joined as the first African student, in 1965 the school hired Pamela Ogot who became the first African teacher in that school.

In 1974 the school was taken over by the government and this meant more room for African female students and more opportunities for African teachers. Currently, it is one of the most diversified schools in Kenya.

With a long history behind it, the school remains one of the oldest schools of the former East African Protectorate, other schools include Nairobi School which was known as Prince of Wales School, and Lenana School formerly known as Duke of York School.

For decades, the school has been performing well in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). In 2020 they topped the country in the KCSE exams after they clinched a mean grade of 10.467.

Being one of the top-ranking schools in Kenya we look at their KCSE results for the recent years.

Kenya High School KCSE Results

Kenya High School KCSE Results

Kenya High School KCSE Results 2021/22

The 2021 year was also a good year for them as they managed to rank in the top 10 of the best-performing schools nationally. On top of that, they also produced the top girl nationally who ranked sixth overall as boys took the lead. Two of their students also entered the list of the top ten students that year. Unlike the 2020 KCSE in 2021, they didn’t manage to surpass or match the number of A’s they attained in the previous year. Below are the results for that year.

Grade                                            No. of Candidates

A                                                     64

A-                                                   130

B+                                                   70

B                                                     36

B-                                                    18

C+                                                    12

C                                                      1

C-                                                     1

D+                                                    0

D                                                       0

D-                                                      0

X                                                        0