How to Join NIS, Recruitment, Requirements and Salary

The National Intelligence Service well known as (NIS) is one of the most significant branches of National Security mandated with guarding the nation against any offenders. Being one of the most-rated security agencies in Kenya most people crave to join the team and serve the country in that capacity. However, the recruitment process and requirements have remained discreet.

Unlike the KDF and Kenya Police Service, NIS doesn’t engage in mass recruitment and also it rarely advertises the position if any.

In our feature, we have researched how you can join the crew, we have also noted all the requirements needed as well as the salary. If you meet the requirements then you’re good to go.

How to Join NIS, Recruitment, and Entry Levels

How to Join NIS,

The recruitment process for a person willing to join the NIS is quite simple.  The first step is to visit their official then head to the employment opportunities tab and then create an employment profile.

Once you fill in all the information needed, submit your application and if your profile will impress the agency, they will contact you and give you the directive.

Speaking of Entry Levels, NIS focuses more on educational background, and the form four leavers might have a challenge joining the crew. The agency has three entry level which all depends on the level of education.

The first level is Graduate Trainee, Diploma Trainee, and Certificate Trainee. With these entry levels, each level has its own requirements. For a Graduate Trainee, one must possess a degree from a known University.

On the other side, a Diploma trainee must have a diploma certificate which is equivalent to 18 months of study, and also from a recognized institution. For a certificate trainee, you need to have a certificate from a recognized institution and a study duration of more than 6 months.

Requirement for Entry Levels

As i had mentioned early each entry level has its own qualifications and age limit. Below are the requirements per entry level;

Graduate Trainee

  1. A Degree in any course
  2. Age between 22 and 31 years
  3. KCSE mean Grade C+ and above

Diploma Trainee