Cardinal Otunga Boys High School KCSE Results

Cardinal Otunga Mosocho High School is an extra-county secondary school for boys only located in Mosocho, Kisii town. The school was named after the late Cardinal Maurice Michael Otunga who once served in the Diocese of Kisii in the 1960s.

The school is considered one of the best extra-county schools in Kenya and it has been able to post exemplary results back to back. Despite not being classified as a national school the school goes beyond limits to give the national school a tough competition. In this article, we highlight their recent performance.

Cardinal Otunga Boys High School KCSE Results.

Cardinal Otunga Boys KCSE Results

KCSE Results 2022/23

In 2022, Cardinal Otunga Boys High School caught Kenyans’ attention after it was announced as the second-best school in Kenya, behind Nyambaria High School. The school has been topping Kisii county for years but they never had the chance to show the same dominance at the national level until 2022.

Beating big schools like Mang’u, Starehe, and Alliance, Cardinal Otunga ensured that they did hit a 100% pass rate with none of their candidates earning less than a B-.

This was a huge success for the school as it marked a big milestone and the school might be one of the schools that might earn a promotion to the national level in the coming years. Having converted all entries to the University the school earned a mean grade of 10.76 the best for the school.

Below we have an analysis of the 2022 KCSE result of the school.

Grade             No. of Candidates 

A                     28

A-                    201

B+                   97

B                      3

B-                    1

C+                   0

C                     0

C-                   0

D+                   0

D                     0

D-                    0

E                       0

X                      0

Y                       0

Total Candidates= 330

 University Entry= 330

KCSE Results 2021/22