Make Money on Instagram in these 10 proven ways

Are you yearning to make money on Instagram? You might want to consider these excellent ways of monetizing on Instagram.

It takes time to produce engaging material for Instagram, and as they say, “time is money.” Instagram provides a variety of opportunities for businesses and creators to monetize their profiles.

Social media platforms are making significant investments in the creative economy. By the end of 2022, Meta intends to invest $1 billion into the creative economy. This implies that you can be compensated for your artistic labor if you are an influencer or content provider.

On the commercial side, the tools that these networks give you make it simpler to connect with and collaborate with brand creators. In the creative economy, everyone benefits from this reciprocal relationship.

We’ll go through eight strategies to monetize Instagram in this article. It’s crucial for businesses to be familiar with these strategies so they may implement them in their own advertising campaigns.

  • Branded content and sponsored posts
  • Programs for brand ambassadors
  • Sell on Instagram
  • Stores for Affiliates and Creators
  • Badges
  • Subscriptions
  • Spin Bonuses
  • Advertising on Instagram

Setting up your Instagram Professional Account

You must upgrade your account to a Professional one before beginning any of the monetization opportunities listed below. Business or Creator Accounts are Professional Accounts.

You may access tools like the Professional Dashboard and Insights by switching your account to this kind. Both give information about the performance of your content and account.

Remember that some of the techniques discussed here are still being implemented.

Using the Instagram mobile app, go to your Professional Dashboard and select the “View All Tools” menu item to receive a list of all the tools you can utilize. You’ll also receive notifications on new releases and updates as you use them.

10 ways to make money on Instagram

1. Sponsored posts and branded content

Influencers are paid by brands to produce material or articles that are centered on the company. Branded content on Instagram is distinguished by the “Paid Partnership” mark. This label provides the originator and any linked business partners with post-performance information.

One of the most well-known and popular ways for businesses to monetize their Instagram accounts is through influencer marketing. It’s a terrific place for a business to participate in the creator economy because it’s the platform of choice for 72% of creators. You don’t want to fall behind on this strategy given that 75% of brand marketers intend to allocate funding for influencer marketing.

How much do Instagram influencers make?

Influencer prices vary depending on a number of variables, such as the number of followers and the sector specialization. The breakdown on Instagram is as follows, per one report:

  • Nano-influencers (1 000–10 000 followers) make $10–100 for each post.
  • Micro-influencers with 10k–50k followers make $100–500 for every post
  • Mid-tier influencers make $500 to $5,000 per post (50k–500k followers).
  • Macro-influencers make $5k–10k for every post (500k–1m followers).
  • Mega-influencers- 1 million or more followers make over $10,000 for every post.
  • Celebrities can make more than $1 million on each post.


  • A company may transform a successful post from a creator into a Branded Content Ad. It has been demonstrated that combining it with a brand increases the likelihood of cost-effective action by over 90%.
  • Analytical reports can be used to gauge the success of campaigns. Mark incoming communications and upcoming campaign posts. The Tag Performance Report then compiles the messages’ performance data.

2. Brand ambassador programs

Brand ambassador programs and influencer marketing are not the same. In contrast to brand ambassador programs, which require ongoing promotion, influencer marketing focuses on a single or a few posts from a single person. In addition to product previews and affiliate links, ambassador programs frequently offer other benefits.

The advantage of a brand ambassador program for business is that you get consistent content from a reputable source. Because the contracts are longer, the brand ambassador also has a reliable source of revenue.

3. Instagram Shopping

By 2023, social commerce is anticipated to be used by more than 100 million Americans.

Creating an Instagram Shopping account gives you access to a variety of alternatives whether you want to sell physical or digital goods. You can tag your products when this functionality is enabled on your posts, in captions, stories, and in advertising.

Make use of the Shopping Partners tool to increase the reach of your Shop. This enables accounts to connect to your shop, tag its products, and give the seller post information.

In addition, if you participate in the livestream shopping trend, you can sell straight to customers while conducting an Instagram Live.

4. Affiliate and Creator Shops

Under the affiliate program, authors can create a shop of suggested goods in addition to tagging things in their posts. Brands may also develop affiliate campaigns, set their own commission rates, and monitor performance insights. Meta will add an approximate commission match and pay $40 for each new piece of affiliate content on top of the brand commission.

Creator Shops have a format that is comparable to a brand’s own Shop with a few significant variations. Many brands may be available in Creation Shops. Its products bear the indication “qualified for commission.”

Digital designer and developer Brandy Gueary has a “See shop” CTA button on her profile that links to two shops: her apparel line and the things she recommends. She will make money whenever someone uses her Shop link to make a purchase.

You might not yet have access to the Instagram Creative Shops or the affiliate program because they are both in testing. Find out more about the creator affiliate program and see whether your company qualifies.

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5. Badges

For Instagram Live videos, creators can earn badges as an additional option for viewers to promote their favorite broadcasters.

The usernames of supporters who purchase Badges have hearts next to them. They also open up additional features like being added to the list of badge holders for the creator.

Keep an eye out for updates from Instagram as this is still a relatively new function and its availability may be expanded.

Certain creators can additionally access badges. Instagram has further information about the initiative.

6. Subscriptions

Creators of online content with a sizable following may want to use Instagram’s Subscriptions feature. Creators can choose their own monthly fees using this scheme, and fans can sign up through their profile pages.

The benefits and information that are only available to subscribers include Lives, articles, and badges.

Subscriptions give content producers the chance to make money by releasing exclusive material. It rewards your most devoted fans while giving artists steady cash.

7. Reels Bonuses

Instagram provided Reels Bonuses to a restricted group of Creators as part of its campaign to nudge them toward creating more Reels. Reel performance determines how much money is earned, however, Instagram hasn’t yet made any statistics available to support the usefulness of this tool.

8. Instagram Ads

To make more money, you may occasionally have to pay. Because of Instagram advertising’ extensive customization options—from placement to audiences—earning money is now quite easy. The newest spots include boosted posts connected to Reels, in-stream movies, and WhatsApp.

Certain long-form video creators can also use in-stream video advertising. Brands may reach audiences with high intent by using these advertisements, which can be found in videos longer than a minute.

Consider enhancing Branded Content posts like previously indicated if you’d like greater control over your ad placement. Alternatively, advertise your own successful postings.

9. Local Advertisement

Apart from Instagram monetization avenues offered by Meta, creators, and influencers can also monetize their content locally. This involves advertising local brands and businesses through Instagram stories and feed posts.

Creators can set up standard prices for these advertisements which their followers and fans can afford, and make them public. Anyone interested can then reach out to them through their dms or account managers.

This is a proven way to make an extra coin from Instagram especially for local influencers and celebrities within their regions.

10. Selling Instagram Account/Accounts

Finally, there is one last method of making money on Instagram, or rather with Instagram, and it involves giving away your account in exchange of money. Definitely, not many creators would prefer thsi as a method to make money woth Instagram, but when it is convenient, you can sell your accou nt abd earn a ton of money.

Alternaltively- and this is a method young influencers are cashing in on- you can create mulitiple accounts for sale. This involves creating several accounts and growing their followers and layer putting them out for sale. You can sell to the highest bidders, who prefer ready accounts rather than building their accounts from scratch.

Conclusion: 10 ways to Make Money on Instagram

To help creators, Instagram updates its monetization strategies frequently. In what ways does this affect brands? Brands now have more opportunities than ever to collaborate with influencers and content producers thanks to new tools and services.

Brands that leverage this potential may benefit significantly given that 71% of monthly mobile Internet users strongly identify Instagram with following influencers and celebrities. By collaborating with creators, you may increase the visibility of your brand and have comprehensive access to the effectiveness of your content.