Best iPhone Apps to Download Instagram Videos for Free

In this social media era, storytelling and reporting are now visual and there is nowhere else you get this experience other than Instagram. From captivating moments to informative content, the platform is a hub of creativity.

While in that world you might be a captive of fascinating photos and videos that you might want to save on your device and share later with your friend. However, Instagram itself doesn’t offer a direct download feature, but several third-party iPhone apps step in to bridge this gap, allowing users to download their favorite videos effortlessly. Below are some of the best apps that can help you download videos from Instagram.

List of Android apps to download Instagram Videos for Free

Best iPhone Apps to Dwonload Instagram Videos for Free

1. Repost:

Repost is one of the best tools that an iPhone user can use to download photos and videos from Instagram. The app is well known for its re-sharing capabilities. The interesting part about the app is that other than saving photos or videos to your personal or private account, it can also leave a copy for you to view offline. It offers a user-friendly interface and it is easy to use.

2. Reposter for Instagram

Reposter for Instagram is another amazing app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and with a few taps you’ll have your desired Instagram on your device. Initially, it was known as Regrammer and apart from its amazing feature, you don’t have to register or log in to use it. Some of its features include perfect download speed, full HD quality downloads, and a reel download feature.

3. InstaSave:

InstaSave, designed by Kaan Unal for iPhone is another interesting app for downloading Instagram photos on your iPhone mobile device. Just like most of downloaders, InstaSave doesn’t require logins and it’s free to use. Its efficiency is top notch and it’s developed for a smooth experience and fast download.

4. InsTake:

Best iPhone Apps to Dwonload Instagram Videos for Free

InsTake stands out as the champion of iPhone users when it comes to saving Instagram photos and videos. The app is designed for iPhone mobile devices and it has garnered positive reviews with most of the users praising it as the best downloader. Some of its features include, Batch download of photos and videos, photos and videos saving, and also offers a repost of photos and videos on Instagram


Offering a clean and intuitive interface, InSaver excels at swiftly saving Instagram videos to your iPhone. However, it’s an ad-based app that allows ads to run while using it, the option of ad removal is still available for users who can opt to pay a total amount of $3.99 yearly which is charged from your iTunes account as an auto-renewal.