YouTube tools to grow your audience faster

In search of YouTube tools? Good! Brands need all the necessary tools to acquire more viewers as the platform’s popularity grows.

But despite YouTube’s intense competition, there is still plenty of attention available.

Social media research by Jambo Daily shows that 51% of users want to use the platform more this year.

Nevertheless, only 35% of brands claim they’ll meet them there. Translation? There is much potential for companies on YouTube, where people are still captivated by their screens.

Thus, it’s time to increase your YouTube presence. We go down a number of YouTube tools that can assist you in carrying out that task.

YouTube editing tools

Brands are eager to get the most out of their video content given the success of TikTok and Reels.

It makes sense for firms who already create social videos to publish to YouTube. On the other hand, businesses that already post content on YouTube ought to think about adapting it for social media.

The YouTube editing tools listed below make it simpler to create material that adheres to the many social media video specifications available.

1. InVideo

There are a ton of YouTube-specific capabilities on the InVideo platform. A specialized intro-maker with a ton of pre-built templates and transitions is part of this.

You have access to font libraries and stock footage, allowing you to completely customize your videos. You can also design distinctive brand kits using the site, which is excellent for business accounts.


The online video editor from VEED places a strong emphasis on transcriptions and subtitles for social and YouTube videos.

It goes without saying that subtitles help you reach viewers who are silent. 85% of all Facebook videos are watched on silent, according to InVideo.

Perhaps more crucially, well-considered subtitles broaden the audience for your work.

Native video captioning frequently falls short of expectations. In addition to captioning capabilities, VEED provides in-app video editing without the need for downloads.

Moreover, brand kits and compression for several video formats are available on the VEED platform. This implies that when you convert your videos and post them across platforms, the quality is not lost.

YouTube graphics and thumbnail tools

Making your films stand out is a deliberate process.

Also, 90% of the most popular videos on YouTube, according to them, have a personalized thumbnail.

Arguably, the presentation of your YouTube videos is just as significant as the information itself. This is particularly true if you want to increase the number of YouTube subscribers.

Let’s take a closer look at various YouTube tools for the artistic components of your profile, such as your channel layout, thumbnails, and logos.

3. Social media templates

Are you trying to find a YouTube banner that won’t cost you any extra money for design? You can obtain free YouTube banners from template resources provided by social media marketing companies like Sproutfree and apply them to your channel.

4. Canva

Canva is a tool that you may already be familiar with for making drag-and-drop social graphics. Both the YouTube channel art and thumbnail templates on the platform can be completely customized.

You may save and reuse your previous creatives to maintain consistency in your branding from video to video because Canva saves all of your assets.

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YouTube analytics and benchmarking Tools

Competition on YouTube at the moment is really tough, as was already said.

Understanding how your content is performing is essential for maintaining growth. This entails determining what’s effective and ineffective. Brands should similarly pay close attention to the expansion of their rivals.

Although YouTube has its own built-in analytics tools, the tools listed below add another level of competitive analysis.

5. Social Blade

A simple application called Social Blade offers a high-level analysis of the development of every YouTube account.

The app can provide you with information about a channel’s posting frequency and whether or not they have acquired or lost subscribers. So you may assess who is expanding more quickly or whose most recent videos are doing better by comparing your account to that of a rival.

6. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor, a platform primarily for influencer marketing, offers thorough YouTube analytics with an emphasis on creator accounts. For marketers assessing influencers, HypeAuditor, for instance, can spot the following increases, comment activity, and engagement rates.

For each specific account, the platform may delineate the demographics, audience size, and content themes. The tool may also verify whether a YouTube account has organically increased its subscriber base.

7. Measure Studio

A YouTube analytics tool called Measure Studio has capabilities that go in-depth with content performance. In order to find top-performing content and chances for optimization, the platform compiles account data. Measure Studio can tell you right away which videos are generating the most direct engagement if you’re not sure which ones are.

The platform’s capability to save timely analytics data from the first 72 hours a video is live is another noteworthy feature. This enables businesses to optimize their content as soon as possible for the highest level of engagement.

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YouTube keyword tools for SEO

It goes without saying that videos currently dominate Google searches.

You can see for yourself by looking up just about any “how-to” phrase. There is no denying the connection between SEO and YouTube content.

In addition, YouTube SEO demands a unique set of strategies and techniques to increase the visibility of your videos. Fortunately, there are many low-hanging fruits that can help your films gain favor with the YouTube algorithm. Two helpful tools are listed below.

8. Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool

Unable to think of a title or keyword to use in your most recent video? The free Ahrefs YouTube keyword tool is a great place to begin your study and find keywords to use in your content. Your titles, descriptions, and tags fall under this category.

This tool can be useful for generating prospective video ideas, at the very least. This is helpful if you’re unsure of the true search volume for a video topic or key phrase and want to validate it.

9. Tubics

Tubics is a potent YouTube SEO tool that does more than just brainstorm keyword ideas. Based on the most effective content for every particular topic, the platform suggests video structure and layout. Moreover, Tubics may produce screenplays, outlines, and talking points for a video’s subject matter.

The program also offers chances to increase the number of views of your current content. Fixes, tags, and descriptions will be suggested by Tubics for any videos that may be underperforming. Given the labor-intensive nature of creating video content, these easy tweaks can increase the return on your investment.

All-in-one tools

You probably have more than one network on your radar besides YouTube.

Brands should embrace integrated solutions that integrate their YouTube presence with social media for this reason. This saves time and prevents you from switching between various social media tools.

10. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. It provides information on monthly search traffic, cost per click (CPC), and competitiveness for different APIs. The data is easily accessible from the search results page you just utilized.

Youtubers can utilize information from this extension to improve their performance on youtube as both the web and youtube are interconnected and users juggle in-between the platforms. Also, a notable number of youtube visitors are those redirected from social media and websites.

Publishing and analytics used together help you gain more complete knowledge of your marketing initiatives.

Such tools, for instance, can reveal popular tags, keyword searches, and viewer attitudes. This demonstrates how readers interact with and perceive your material. By doing this, you may identify broad YouTube trends and fresh content concepts that will appeal to your audience.

Conclusion: YouTube tools to grow your audience faster

Expanding on YouTube takes effort. This is particularly true if you’re attempting to create a brand account from scratch.

Having the appropriate YouTube tools available, though, can be really beneficial. There are many ways to improve your current presence, from more imaginative editing to thorough analytics. Hopefully, the tools and advice above can help you figure out how to accomplish it.