Top Searched Kenyans on Google for the Last 15 Years.

Google Inc has released a list of the top searched items on google search for the last 15 years. This comes just as the tech giant and leading search engine in the world marks exactly 15 years after it was founded.

Among the categories of the top searched items in Kenya is a list of top searched individuals in the country. These include politicians, public figures, journalists top businessmen, and activists.

Here is a list of the top searched Kenyans for the last 15 years.

  1. Uhuru Kenyatta

  2. Raila Odinga

  3. William Ruto

  4. Miguna Miguna

  5. Mike Sonko

  6. Babu Owino

  7. Betty Kyalo

  8. Bob Collymore

  9. Kanze Dena

  10. Jeff Koinange

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As you can see, the list includes some of the top renown individuals in kenya, cutting across various fields.

Source: The Standard.