Fast Moving Goods to Sell Online in Kenya

If you want to establish a successful e-commerce business, you have to focus on fast moving goods that will generate steady profits.

Not every product will sell successfully online, particularly in a developing e-commerce market like Kenya. Discover the top 10 fastest-moving things to sell online in Kenya.

Every Kenyan with an entrepreneurial itch will eventually contemplate launching an online business. What things to offer online is a decision that many aspiring e-commerce businesses agonize over, while others stall.

You’d think that the abundance of things available for sale online would make it easier to decide what to sell in your online business. However, the more options available, the more difficult it is to make a decision.

However, as you will discover while reading this post, if your primary criteria for what to sell online is how quickly an item moves, the task is not difficult.

This post will give you a method for selecting hot-selling things to sell online in Kenya. Even better, we’ll unveil seven product categories that are already selling well online.

Let’s get started.

Choosing what to Sell Online

Though the Kenyan e-commerce business is very young, it is active and rapidly expanding, therefore there is likely already a merchant selling the things you intend to sell online.

The benefit of not being the first to market is that you may research existing merchants to see which products sell quickly, which are more profitable, and which are not a good fit for selling online.

In Kenya, we have the advantage of having a marketplace as one of the major e-commerce firms. Jumia has thousands of product lines in practically every category you can think of.

To evaluate which things are likely to sell well online, start with Jumia’s bestsellers.

Fast-Moving goods to sell online in Kenya

1. Makeup products

Fast moving goods

Women will always want to look their best, regardless of the weather or the economy. Women’s makeup goods are an evergreen retail area, whether you believe it is because women are generally concerned about their appearance and are willing to spend money to improve it, appear more appealing, or feel seductive.

It’s no wonder that Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Maybelline NY, and Chanel are among the world’s most valuable brands. Some of the fastest-selling beauty items you can offer online are:

Skin foundation

Spot-masking gels and creams,

Lash extensions


2. Makeup tools

A product category in its own right but one that will make a great addition to an online store for cosmetics products, makeup tools are selling well online in Kenya. Makeup brushes, eyeliner pens, mascara, lipstick pencils, and eyebrow shapers are product options under the makeup tools category.

3. Cellphone accessories

According to the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK), there are 26 million users of smartphones in Kenya. While that points to a huge smartphone market, the real money for a savvy e-commerce entrepreneur is in cellphone accessories.

While many people are prepared to prioritise a new, giant smartphone over ‘more important expenditures’, the majority don’t buy a new phone frequently enough to make them the main product in your online store.

Many telcos also sell handsets and mobile SIM subscriptions as packaged contract deals, which makes them hard to compete against. Accessories, on the other hand, are fair game. They don’t require as much capital and are bought more frequently because they are low-priced.

Accessories also come in a wide variety, meaning you will have more items to sell and not bet your business on a few items. Evergreen cellphone accessories include:

Phone cases,

Screen protectors,

Power banks,

Wireless chargers,


Generic Stereo F9 Bluetooth Earphone Power Headset listing on Jumia

One of the most popular smartphone accessories in Kenya right now is Bluetooth earphone power headsets. They are also selling very well on Jumia.

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