Top Five Media Houses in Kenya.

This article outlines the top five media houses in Kenya.

The Kenyan Media Industry has experienced rapid growth in the last few years, both in broadcast, print, and online segments. Broadcast media is delivered through tools such as Radio and Television Stations while Print Media is delivered through newspapers, magazines, and journals. Online media on the other hand exists through platforms such as websites and social media pages such as Facebook and youtube.

In today’s digital era, the world is in demand for news and trending topics, and these media channels have enhanced the faster spreading of information to the masses. Today, Kenya has many media houses dedicated to delivering news, education, and entertainment to the population.

These media houses act as the core source of information concerning the country including current news and trending topics especially to people living in remote areas.

Below are the top 5 mainstream media houses/companies in Kenya.

1. The Standard Media Group.

The Standard Group is arguably the most established mainstream media house in Kenya with investments in media outlets spanning Radio and Television broadcasting, print media, billboard advertisement, digital and online services.

The company’s media outlets include The Standard Newspaper, The Nairobian weekly newspaper, KTN, KTN News, KTN Farmers, KTN Burudani TV, Radio Maisha, Vybez Radio, Spice FM, Standard Digital, The Standard Entertainment, and Look Outdoor (Billboard Advertising).

The Standard Group Headquarters is located in Nairobi City, along Mombasa Road.

2. Nation Media Group.

The Nation Media Group is the Largest and independent media organization in East and Central Africa with operations in broadcast, digital, and print media that attracts large audiences from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Nation Media Group currently has over 5,000 Employees from all the countries it operates.

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Its various media outlets in Kenya include Daily Nation Newspaper, Saturday and Sunday Nation, Game Yetu Sports Newspaper, NTV, and Nation FM Radio Station. In Kenya, the Company’s headquarters are located at Nation Centre, along Kimathi Street, Nairobi City. The firm also has headquarters in Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

3. Royal Media Services.

Royal Media Services is a large media organization in Kenya with investments in media operations mainly focused on Television and Radio broadcasting. The company has 2 TV Stations (Citizen Tv and Inooro Tv) and 14 Radio Stations, 12 of which are vernacular to serve the interests of various ethnic communities in the country.

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Its Radio stations are Hot 96 FM and Radio Citizen (Kiswahili), Ramogi FM, Inooro FM, Muuga FM, Wimwaro FM, Vuuka FM, Chamgei FM, Musyi FM, Egesa FM, Bahari FM, and Sulwe FM. (Diverse dialects). Apart from R