Unknown Businesses Owned by Kenyatta Family

This is a list of businesses owned by Kenyatta Family, which is regarded as the wealthiest family in the country. Their patriarch is Jomo Kenyatta, the founding president, and their scion is Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Kenyatta family was ranked among centimillionaires with fortunes worth between $100 million (KSh 11 billion and $ 1 billion) in a 2014 New World Wealth report that revealed the wealthiest families in Kenya (KSh 110.5 billion).

businesses owned by Kenyatta family

The family has stakes in almost every industry, including banking through NCBA Group PLC, tourism through Heritage hotels, mining, insurance, airline, education, agriculture, real estate, and energy.

A report by Forbes magazine in 2013 revealed that the Kenyatta family also owns vast swaths of land across the country, totaling more than 500,000 acres.

List of Businesses owned by Kenyatta Family

1. NCBA Group

businesses owned by Kenyatta family

The NCBA Group PLC was formed in 2019 as a result of a merger between the NIC Group and the Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA). As of April 2019, the combined total share of NIC and CBA banks was 1.4 billion.

The NIC Bank had 639 million shares, while CBA shareholders could own up to 793 million. According to Business Daily, the Kenyattas own 13.2 percent of the new entity, which is worth more than KSh 6.6 billion.

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2. Mediamax Networks Ltd

Mediamax Group operates K24 TV, Kameme TV and Radio, Milele Radio, Meru FM, Mayian Radio, Emoo FM, Msenagu FM, People Daily, and K24 Digital. Rose Kimotho, now the managing director of Three Stones Limited, sold the company to the Kenyattas.

Its website indicates that it reaches over 40 million radio listeners, 35 million TV viewers, and 11.3 million social media reach monthly.

3. Clay Works Company

businesses owned by Kenyatta family

Clay works company is owned and managed by the Kenyatta family. However, this is a fact rarely known to many since the company keeps its private details low-key. The company is located near Ruiru bypass, along Thika Super Highway.

4. Northlands City

businesses owned by Kenyatta family

The Kenyatta family is embarking on a large-scale housing scheme that will result in an 11,000-acre blended estate with residential, industrial, and commercial units that will house approximately 250,000 people.