Student Loan Lenders in Kenya & How to Apply

This section shall examine some of the student loan lenders in kenya, highlighting loan requirments and terms of use.

In every country, finding employment without a high school diploma or a university degree is becoming more difficult.

Most of the time, the high expense of school makes it extra harder for a student to finish their degree.

Due to this problem, every parent, guardian, and student need to be aware of the resources available to them.

In order to ensure that our aspirations come true, this essay will explore the numerous possibilities available.

When seeking financial assistance to finish their education, one can go in a number of directions. Here is a list of the top lenders for student loans:

Student Loan Lenders in Kenya & How to Apply

Student Loan Lender

1. The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)

As a state-owned company, the Higher Education Loans Board provides loans to Kenya’s gifted but disadvantaged students.

It is the top student finance institution in the country which has been operating since 1995, helping needy student achieve their dreams.

Due to its flexible and lengthy payment terms, this loan is consistently one of the finest options for students in Kenya.

Additionally, if you’re fortunate enough, HELB Loans may allow you to receive a scholarship worth about KES 8,000. The most that can be given to one person is KES 50,000.

Furthermore, repayment plans vary based on the type of credit that was given to you, unlike other loans.

If it is a standard primary loan, repayment is due a year after you graduate.

Visit the HELB website for further information if you want more specifics.

2. Student Finance Africa (SFA)

Student Finance Africa, or SFA, is a well-known student finance organization. It is one of the top student loan lenders in the republic. This platform guarantees that it suits your plans and is both dependable and easily accessible.

To make it simple for applicants, SFA has worked with a number of universities and educational institutions. As a result, throughout the application process, you can access the institution and the program of study through the SFA platform.

If and when you are successful, SFA will pay up to 70% of your tuition costs, with the money going straight to your school.
The loan repayment is also simple because it is made to SFA in monthly installments.

As a result, whether you are a parent or a guardian, you can rest easy knowing that all you need to find is 30% of your term’s tuition.

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