Rafiki Microfinance Bank Loan Products

This page contains a list of Rafiki Microfinance loan products. It is one of Kenya’s 13 licensed microfinance banks and has been in business for over a decade since June 14, 2011.

The Central Bank of Kenya licenses and regulates Rafiki Microfinance Bank under the Microfinance Act, of 2006 (as modified in 2013). It is Kenya’s third-largest microfinance institution. Rafiki has 19 outlets in Kenya, distributed across 11 counties.

Customers are served by the microfinance bank through branches, internet banking, mobile banking, agency banking, and the VISA ATM network. Rafiki provides savings accounts, credit, money transfer services, trade finance, currency, and banc-assurance. Rafiki is active in a variety of industries, including energy, housing, trade, health, education, and agriculture.

Rafiki aims to fill the “missing middle” between micro-enterprises and large or medium-sized businesses..

Rafiki House on Biashara Street in Nairobi serves as the bank’s headquarters.

Rafiki Microfinance Bank Loan Products

1. Asset Finance

This product is intended to assist enterprises in the acquisition of moveable assets such as commercial motor vehicles, personal automobiles, bodaboda, tuk-tuks, tractors, and other movable assets.


  • Financing available up to 90%
  • Interest rates that are competitive
  • Collateral needs that are adaptable
  • Rapid loan processing
  • Finance for insurance premiums

2. Housing Loans

The financing product is meant for anyone who wishes to acquire pre-built houses, purchase land, or renovate existing houses.


A specialized relationship officer is assigned for tailored service.

  • Finance for construction.
  • Collateral requirements that are adaptable.
  • Financing for pre-built homes is available up to 90%.
  • Loan terms that are flexible

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3. Business Loans

They are intended to give working money to small and micro business owners.