List Of Top Tea Exporters In Kenya

Top Tea Exporters In Kenya are listed in this article. Kenya is a respected nation with a reputation for producing high-quality agricultural exports including tea and horticulture goods.

It is the world’s top exporter of cut flowers used exclusively for decoration and black tea. We will highlight some of the top Kenyan tea export companies that have succeeded in finding a niche in the global market in this post.

In no particular order, this is a list of top tea exporters in Kenya.

Top Tea Exporters In Kenya

1. Unilever Kenya

Unilever is one of the top manufacturers and distributors of consumer goods in the world, supplying more than 100 nations with a variety of commodities including tea.

Contacts: +254 41 225 254/205, +254 709 050 600

2. Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA)


Over 600,000 small tea producers are served by Kenya Tea Development Agency Holdings, which offers comprehensive services like agri-extension, transportation, processing, and marketing.

Contacts: 254 020 2211 240


3. Global Tea & Commodities Ltd

It is a fully integrated tea firm that provides a variety of services at every point in the supply chain. It provides comprehensive tea trade solutions including sourcing, warehousing, and packaging.

Location: Mombasa

Contacts: +254 41316 399/ 311 963


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4. James Finlay (Mombasa)

It was founded in 1750 and is part of the Swire group, which has extensive tea, coffee, and horticultural interests in the international market.

Location: Mashundu Street, Mombasa

Contacts: +254 41 224 057


5. Cargill Kenya Limited

It is a licensed business that specializes in selling, blending, and exporting ready-made tea to the world’s major tea-consuming nations.

Location: Shimazi Industrial Area, Mombasa

Contacts: +254 41 225 701

6. Lutex Limited