List Of Top Book Publishing Companies In Kenya

This is a list of the best Kenyan book publishing companies. The list focuses on award-winning publishers of all types of books, including storybooks, secondary and primary school books, biographies, classics, and new curriculum books.

Top book publishing companies in Kenya.

1. Longhorn Publishers

Longhorn is a Pan-African publishing house that has expanded its dominance in the publishing sector by establishing a regional presence. The company has made significant progress in developing learning materials that are accessible from any location. Approximately 60% of the company’s products have been digitized. Interactive e-books, audiobooks, video animated stories, epubs, and mobile applications are among the products available.

Contacts: 0722 204 608, 0708 282 260.


2. Focus Publishers

It is a dynamic publishing house that has produced numerous award-winning books. They publish books on a variety of topics, including education, poetry, medicine, medical, literature, law, and history.

Contact: 0722 835 649.


3. Moran Publishers

Moran is a publishing company that publishes and markets stimulating educational and general reading materials in order to provide readers with high-quality information.

Contact: 0723 971 057, 0735 439 613.


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4. Spotlight Publishers

Due to its wide range of popular educational book titles, the company was founded in 2008 and has grown to become a dominant publisher in the East African region.

Contacts: 020 444 1345, 0715 782 341.


5. East African Educational Publishers

The company is one of the East African region’s leading school and general publishers, with books covering education, culture, development, aesthetics, literature, drama, and poetry.

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