List of Online Payment Platforms Available in Kenya

Since the invention of online money transfer, a lot of people have shifted to online payment services and ditched the old methods. This has mostly been accepted by freelancers, bloggers, people in international business ties. As result, various online payment platforms have emerged, a move which people have embraced with zeal.

online payment card
A client purchasing goods using a credit card. Photo/Courtesy

List of Online Payment Platforms Available in Kenya

Today, there are more than 10 online money transfer companies available in Kenya. Most of these have been incorporated to M-pesa, which has made it easier to transact. For Instance, a company like PayPal is directly linked to M-Pesa, which means you can transfer cash directly from your PayPal account to your M-Peas account.

Here is a list of online payment platforms available in Kenya today:

1. PayPal

PayPal is the most widely used online payment service operating in 230 countries around the world as at now. The service accepts up to 25 currencies worldwide and is mostly preferred by online writing freelancers as it is convenient to receive and send money through this service. The service charge is also favorable and affordable.

To open a PayPal account, you need to have an active email address and a debit card. With these requirements it is easy to sign up and your account will be up and running in a few minutes.

PayPal Label

In Kenya, most of the online writing freelancers use this method to receive payment from international agencies they work for. Additionally, you can transfer money from PayPal to your M-Pesa account or also send from M-Pesa to PayPal to make a payment.

2. PesaPal

PayPal is another leading online payment platform in Kenya and operating in more than 7 African countries. Just like PayPal, you need an active email address and a debit card. However, most platforms have connected to M-Pesa and are making direct payments without using a debit card. Banks that have connected to PesaPal include Equity Bank and Cooperative Bank. Airtel Money has not been left out also, Airtel users can as well receive money from this platform conveniently.

Pesapal label
Pesapal label and cards associated with it. Photo/Courtesy.

3. iPay

iPay is a platform that is known to process payments instantly after withdrawal is requested. It typically processes payment within a few hours or even minutes. The service has linked up with other mobile money agencies such as M-pesa, Airtel Money, Visa Card, Master card, Equitel and Equity Bank.

4. Skrill

Skrill arguably the best online payment platform in Africa and top ten worldwide. Just like paypal, this method is a good choice for freelance writers who mostly receive their money through online transfer.

In fact, most of the online writing companies encourage their writers to use Skrill or Paypal methods. To sign up for skill, you need to submit an email address which shall be the communication tool between you and your clients.

Skrill Card

5. Direct Pay Online (DPO)

This service operates in all African Countries and accepts all currencies of exchange. This service also requires you to sign up with your email address to start using it. You can either link it to M-pesa or debit card. The service has also adopted mobile money transfer which has made it convenient to send or receive money from far places without necessarily travelling.