List of Muungano Microfinance Bank Products

This article is about Muungano Microfinance Bank’s products and branches. Muungano is one of Kenya’s 14 licensed microfinance banks. On October 30, 2019, Muungano Microfinance Bank was granted a license to run a community-based microfinance banking operation.

Muungano Microfinance Bank is headquartered in Kangari, Murang’a County, on the ground level of EastEnd Mall. It is the first microfinance institution to establish its headquarters and operations outside of Nairobi.

Through value chain financing, the agri-focused microfinance bank targets rural small-scale farmers in Kigumo Sub County. Their goods are intended to assist farmers in purchasing assets in the dairy and tea industries.

This article explores the Muungano Microfinance Bank products, highlighting the loan terms and repayment procedures.

List Of Muungano Microfinance Bank Products


a) Agri-business Loans (Kilimo Kisasa)

1. Muungano Maziwa Boost Loan.

This credit product assists farmers in increasing milk output by financing dairy cows, zero-grazing units, quality animal diets, household milk coolers, water tanks, motorcycles, and motor vehicles.

2. Muungano Majani Boost Loan.

This product maximizes tea production through the financing of:

  •  Labor – Tea Picking
  • Pickers housing improvement
  • Water Tanks
  •  Development Loans – Bonus based

b) Business Loans

1. Muungano Boresha Biashara Loan

This product attempts to finance your company’s day-to-day operations through LPO Financing, business asset financing, and the supply of working capital loans.

2. Muungano Mradi Loan

This is a community project finance initiative aimed towards dairy societies, churches, schools, chamas, and families, among others. It covers up to 70% of the project’s cost.

3. Muungano Vijana Boost Loan

This is a youth-focused product that empowers adolescents and employers through LPO Financing and working capital loans.

c) Personal Loans

1. Muungano Jijenge Loan