List Of Fruit Exporters In Kenya

This is a list of Kenyan fruit exporters. The list focuses on leading Kenyan exporters of high-quality fresh fruits to international markets such as the United Kingdom, France, the Middle East, the Netherlands, and other European countries.

Some of the top fruit exporters in Kenya include Jani Fresh, Mofarm Fresh and a load of other companies that deal with both local and international markets.

List of fruit exporters in Kenya.

1. Mofarm Fresh Fruits Exporters Ltd

The firm specializes in the exportation of fruits such as avocados, pawpaws, mangoes, and various vegetables.

Location: Mofarm Building, Utawala, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0722 263 781, 0731 659 628.

2. Berium Group

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Berium Group exports high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables from Kenya to Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and other countries. It exports avocados from Hass and Fuerte, as well as Cavendish bananas, mangoes, and paw paw.

Contact: 0733 195 206.


3. Jani Fresh

Jani Fresh is a Kenyan company that grows, packs, and exports high-quality fruits and vegetables in accordance with international food safety practices and standards. Avocados, mangoes, carrots, and passion fruits are all exported.

Contacts: 0726 758 227, 020 440 4460.


4. Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters Ltd

The firm sources and exports a diverse range of fresh fruits that meet both domestic and international food standards. It exports avocados, passion fruit, mangoes, and bananas.

Location: Embakasi, Old Airport Road.

Contacts: 0722 496 836, 0720 855 427.

5. Jade Fresh Limited

Jade Fresh Ltd is a grower and exporter of fresh fruits such as passion fruit and vegetables.

Location: North Airport Road, Embakasi.

Contact: 0713 370 614.