List Of Cars Locally Made In Kenya

This article examines some of the cars locally made in Kenya. Kenya does not have a long history of producing automobiles or machines in general. But whenever we tried, we gave it our all, and the end result was usually the result of long and arduous days and months of hard work.

Kenya holds the record for being the first African country to produce a locally manufactured and assembled motor vehicle in 1986, and while the project never really took off, it was a major accomplishment that inspired many other trials to produce vehicles in Kenya, which have so far been successful.

Among the cars locally made in Kenya is the Laikipia-bound BJ50 which was officially released into the market in June 2021 after approval by the government.

Here is a list of cars locally made in Kenya

1. Nyayo Pioneer Car

At the Kasarani stadium in 1991, then-President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi launched the Nyayo Pioneer Car Project. This was the first car made and assembled in Africa, and it was supposed to put Kenya on the map.

This car had a 1200CC engine and a top speed of 120Km/h. The car was available in four different configurations: a five-door sedan, a pickup, a rally car, and a sports coupe.

The project failed numerous times, but this never dampened the inventors’ spirits. The National Motors Company (NMC) eventually took over the Nyayo Pioneer car project, but Nyayo Pioneer Cars became the first locally manufactured car in Kenya and Africa.

2. Volkswagen (Polo Vivo)

Uhuru Kenyatta recently introduced the Volkswagen Polo Vivo, a five-door hatchback aimed at increasing reliance on locally manufactured goods and lowering import costs.

This car is appealing, and the price is reasonable, without the hassle of having to wait almost forever for your car to arrive from the high seas. The Polo Vivo is manufactured in Thika and is currently available for purchase starting at Sh1.65 million.

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3. Mobius II

This is Kenya’s most recent automobile manufacturing project. By any standard, Mobius Motors delivered a very sleek-looking car, especially for their price range.

The 2-seat cargo carrier in the new Mobius starts at Sh1.3 million. There’s also a 5-seater model called ‘Adventure,’ which costs Sh1.45 million.