List of Best Paying Jobs in Kenya

Some of the best jobs in Kenya pay salaries between six and seven figures. Most of the best-paying jobs in Kenya are highly marketable and frequently have a significant impact on an organization’s expansion. Professionals in the medical and engineering fields continue to earn well-paying monthly salaries in 2022. The top 10 well-paying jobs in Kenya are listed below.

When selecting a course, prospective college students must exercise caution. The job market is oversaturated for some degree and diploma programs, and their pay is subpar. Getting advice before making a decision will help you choose a course that is marketable and prevent you from choosing the incorrect profession.

Here are Kenya’s top ten highest-paying jobs. For seasoned professionals in each field, the indicated salary range applies. There is no particular order in which the job fields are listed.

List of Best Paying Jobs in Kenya

1. Pilot/Aviation – Between Ksh 132,0000 and Ksh 420,000

Due to a lack of pilots in Kenya, working in the aviation sector ensures you a lump sum salary. Like most professions, a full-fledged pilot does not get paid on a monthly basis. Instead, they are compensated hourly, plus any applicable per diems, based on the flow of each flight hour.

A pilot with little experience makes about Khs 132,000 per month, while the highest-paid expert can earn up to or even more than Khs 420,000. As a result, it will be among Kenya’s highest-paying jobs in 2022.

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2. Medicine and surgery – Average of Ksh 214,000

Anywhere in the world, being a doctor demands perseverance, a lot of study time, and a sharp mind. The benefit of working in medicine is that there is always a need for doctors, so you can always count on finding work. You will begin working as an intern after earning your medical bachelor’s degree, and most hospitals will pay you between Ksh 28,000 and Ksh 32,000.

Surgeons and medical professionals never stop learning. In large institutions like Mater, Nairobi Hospital, or The Karen Hospital, the most educated and experienced professionals can make up to Ksh 400,000 per month.

3. Software engineering – Average of Ksh 155,000


Because software engineers need to be highly talented, creative, and intelligent, Kenya does not have many of them. Large computer businesses frequently prefer hiring people with skills over those with paper credentials, like Safaricom, Google, Oracle, and IBM, to mention a few.

One needs to have a GPA of at least B+ and math and physics grades of A or A- to be admitted to an institution to study software engineering. If you are hired by one of the major tech companies that depend on technical innovation to stay relevant, your starting salary will be around Ksh 30,000 or more. A seasoned software engineer may earn more than Ksh 280,000 each month.

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4. Law- Ksh 130,000

Attorneys are cunning, intelligent, and quick thinkers. Before enrolling in elite universities like the University of Nairobi or Strathmore University for a four-year legal degree program, one must pass their KCSE with a minimum of a B plain in order to enter the profession.

Graduates must spend two years at the Kenya School of Law before working as high court attorneys. An experienced lawyer in Kenya can make up to Ksh 2 million a year, while the average salary is Ksh 133,000. Criminal defense attorneys, as well as those who represent politicians and businessmen, typically make more than Ksh 5 million.

5. Finance – Average of Ksh 231,000

Even though there are many people working in finance and accounting, if you go up the corporate ladder, it is one of the highest paying fields in Kenya. While individuals working for large corporations like Safaricom, KQ, or BAT pocket more than half a million, finance managers make between Ksh 113,000 and Ksh 360,000 annually. In these companies, chief financial officers are guaranteed a salary of about Ksh 2 million.

A bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting as well as a professional certification like the CPA, ACCA, CIFA, or CFA are requirements for these roles. A master’s degree, Ph.D., or fellowship program would all be considered more education and would be advantageous.

6. Actuarial science – Average of Ksh 100,000

A salary of approximately Ksh 100,000 per month is guaranteed for certified professionals in actuarial science, one of the highest paying professions in Kenya. Actuaries with experience can make more than Ksh 160,000. It takes many hours of study and strong math skills to become an actuary.

To become a certified actuarial scientist after graduating, one must complete over 12 additional papers and satisfy the Society of Actuaries’ standards. These specialists can work for any companies that need experience in risk and financial analysis, including, but not limited to, banks, actuarial firms, audit firms, insurance companies, the CMA, the NSE, and audit firms.

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7. Statistics – Average of Ksh 229,000

Best Paying Jobs In Kenya

One of the top occupations in Kenya is statistics, however, getting a degree in statistics is not simple. To pursue a statistics degree at a major university like UON, JKUAT, KU, or Strathmore University, one must do well in math and science courses.

Most prestigious organizations pay statisticians a monthly salary of between Ksh 106,000 and Ksh 365,000. The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the United Nations, audit firms, insurance businesses, and other organizations may use these experts.

8. Architecture – An average of Ksh 181,000

The recent growth in development projects has raised the demand for qualified individuals because architecture is a well-paying profession. The scale of the projects they design and the clients they work with determine how much money independent architects make. In Kenya, most architects make between Ksh 88,800 and Ksh 283,000 per year.

9. Procurement analyst – An average of Ksh 178,000

In Kenya, procurement analysts are paid higher than the average salary of roughly Ksh 178,000. People who work for large organizations may make more money than that.

10. Auditors – Between Ksh 147,000 and Ksh 152,000

The monthly salary for internal auditors employed by the main four firms—PWC, Earnest & Young, Deloitte, and KPMG—ranges from 72,000 to 229,000 Kenyan shillings. In Kenya, salaries for external auditors range from 79,200 to 233,000 shillings.

A bachelor’s degree in accounting and an audit certification like the CA, ICWA, or CS are requirements for becoming an auditor. An MBA or a master’s degree in a discipline linked to accounting are prerequisites for becoming an external or internal auditor.