List Of Best Car Painting Companies In Nairobi

This is a list of Nairobi’s top car painting companies. The list focuses on highly rated businesses that provide high-quality and reasonably priced auto painting services for all types of vehicles.

Best car painting companies in Nairobi

1. Diastar Auto Care Centre

The company was founded with the goal of providing customers with the best auto care and bodywork available from a non-dealership firm. It offers specialized spray painting, body restoration, professional panel beating, and ceramic coating services.

Location: Enterprise Road, Industrial Area.

Contact: 0718 752 172.

2. AK Automotive

AK Automotive is a well-known automotive shop specializing in vehicle painting, repairs, service, body work, accident repair, and ceramic coating.

Location: Thome, Garden Estate Road.

Contact: 0721 690 000.

3. Central Motor Service Ltd

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CMS has over 65 years of auto-body repair experience on all makes and models of cars, both saloon and heavy commercial vehicles. Its team possesses the knowledge, skills, and cutting-edge equipment required for high-quality panel beating and re-spraying.

Location: Pokomo Road, Industrial Area.

Contacts: 0720 441 250, 0735 204 887.

4. Apex Motor Mart Limited

Apex Motor Mart guarantees all auto body and auto painting services to be affordable, professional, courteous, and prompt.

Location: Donholm.

Contact: 0722 817 799.

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5. Toyota Kenya- Body Shop

The body shop has extensive knowledge of all aspects of vehicle body repair and paintwork. They provide high-quality services and collaborate with numerous fleet operators and insurance companies.

Contacts: 0719 029 014, 0719 029 000.