How to get Aspira Smartphone Loan

Aspira is a financial and credit organization that enables Kenyans to purchase their dream commodities through a buy now and pay later strategy in easy monthly installments. Among their many products is the Aspira Smartphone loan.

Their consumers can enjoy a nice purchasing experience in the comfort of their own homes, with fast, simple, and secure methods.

Aspira has collaborated with Kenya’s best and most recognized shops to provide our consumers with the widest choice of quality products at extremely low costs, backed up by the greatest after-sales service and support. Their partners provide nationwide delivery services.

So, if you want to furnish your home, buy a new mobile phone, new household appliances, electronics, or IT gadgets, you can apply for a swift loan from Aspira.

However, this article is going to focus on the process of obtaining a loan from Aspira, highlighting loan terms and repayment.

How to get Aspira Smartphone Loan

The Aspira smartphone loan is one of the company’s popular products, which features affordable interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

To access a smartphone loan from Aspira, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the Aspira website or download their app from the google play store 

2. Click the Apply for Finance button

3. Fill in your details which include personal data

Aspira will require you to fill in your details and upload your financial status along with other supporting documents.

4. Confirm the terms and pay the credit protection fees

Sign the financing contract and pay the credit protection fee through paybill number 711136 and your mobile number as your account number.

5. Get your product and start paying installments

Collect your product from the service provider and start making payments in installments as agreed in the contract. As earlier stated, use paybill number 711136 and your mobile number as your account number.

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Credit assessment process

Aspira commits itself to being a responsible lender and wants to assist its clients in maintaining a healthy financial situation. This means they will only lend the funds that clients can afford to repay.

They consider the following factors while determining your credit score:

  • Current Income
  • Average expenses
  • Other financial commitments

Interest Rates

  • First-time customers- 10% deposit, 90% financing is available for 12 months
  • Repeat Customers- 0% deposit, 100% financing for 12 months
  • Interest rates of 3- 7% depending on one’s credit score
  • Credit protection fee of 4% of the total credit amount payable
  • No application or processing fee

Phones available for the Aspira Financing scheme

Selected Xiaomi devices

XIAOMI Redmi Note 10s

Price: Ksh 25,699

Monthly Installments: Ksh 3,020 x 12 Months 

Discount: 22% 


Price: Ksh 16,499 

Monthly Installments: Ksh 1,939 x 12 Months 

Discount: 25% 

Select Samsung smartphones

Samsung Galaxy A03 Phone

Price: Ksh 15,500

Monthly Installments: Ksh 1,821 x 12 Months 

Discount: 9% 

SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 Ultra

Price: Ksh 114,999

Monthly Installments: Ksh 12,765 x 12 Months

Discount: 12%

Select iPhones

iPhone 13 128GB

Price: Ksh 115,000

Monthly Installments: Ksh 12,765 x 12 Months 

iPhone 13 Pro 512GB

Price: Ksh 168,000

Monthly Installments: Ksh 18,648 x 12 Months 

iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB

Price: Ksh 150,000

Monthly Installments: Ksh 16,650 x 12 Months 

iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB

Price: Ksh 299,000

Monthly Installments: Ksh 33,189 x 12 Months 

iPhone 14 Pro 128GB

Price: Ksh 285,000

Monthly Installments: Ksh 31,635 x 12 Months 


Conclusion: How to access the Aspira smartphone loan

With affordable interest rates and a variety of products listed for financing, Aspira offers a reliable loan facility consistent with the current economic tides. Their requirements are also simple to meet and as such it is a considerable option for those seeking to purchase items on credit.