How to Get a Tape lifting Report in Kenya

Obtaining a tape lifting report in Kenya is easy with the help of this straightforward approach. Tape lifting is the process of checking a car’s engine and chassis numbers to see if they match the registration papers. Tape lifting aids in reducing occurrences of fraud and logbook fabrication.

The NTSA mandates a tape-lifting report when number plate changes are made. During the application process for license plates, this report is uploaded to the NTSA webpage.

The closest DCI office offers services for free. Make sure you have the original logbook for the car as well as a police abstract. The report can take up to two weeks to arrive.

Note: When applying for the new digital generation number plates, the report is not necessary.

Attach a scanned copy of the original logbook and a picture of the license plates in pdf format to both places on the Lost/Defaced Number Plate & Tape Lifting Report sections.

An automobile can be distinguished from other models by using its exclusive number. The DCI also double-checks the vehicle’s engine number as part of the tape-lifting procedure to ensure that the details provided in the registration documents submitted to NTSA are accurate.

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