How to Build a House Cheaply in Kenya

Do you want to build a house? This article provides you with valuable insights on how to build a house cheaply in Kenya. Considering how difficult it is to build a house, many of us rely on the knowledge and abilities of experts and builders. However, this article is for you if you want to save money and construct your own house.

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How much does it cost to build a house in Kenya?

Factors that may affect the cost of building a house in Kenya:

  • Materials
  • Land typography
  • The size of a house
  • House design
  • External factors

The amount of money invested in a building can still be kept to a minimum. In the section that follows, I will demonstrate how.

How to Build a House Cheaply in Kenya

1. Buy surveyed land with a title deed


To build a house cheaply in Kenya, the first piece of advice is to purchase land that has been cleared and surveyed by the appropriate authorities.

This action will lessen the expense of purchasing land and the hassle of obtaining a title for the property you had purchased.

When you purchase land that is ready for construction, you will save a lot. Such property has already been surveyed and freed of any earlier buildings that may have been there.

2. Choose a more straightforward Plan.

The second piece of advice on how to build a cheap house in Kenya is to pick an easy-to-build plan and set a reasonable budget.

When constructing your own home, the main goal should be valued rather than going overboard with complexity or extravagance.

Overly complicated designs typically cost more than simple ones because they call for more resources and labor.

Pick a design that is cost-effective and does not sabotage your budget.

3. Buy the building material from the local market.

Purchasing the necessary building materials from the neighborhood market rather than importing them from another country is a fantastic way to reduce costs.

Quality building materials are imported by some specialized businesses, but they are also quite expensive.

Furthermore, imported building materials may not always be of the highest quality, jeopardizing the security of your home.

Before purchasing anything for your project, compare prices on domestic and international markets.

4. Use cheap building materials.

Although quality is the most crucial factor, it’s also a good idea to use less expensive alternatives in order to save some money.

Just make sure that whatever you buy for your project is deemed suitable and secure for use in construction.

Use flexible tiles instead of the pricey concrete ones, for instance, and enjoy an equally attractive appearance.

As an alternative to hiring professional builders, you can decide to DIY (do it yourself) the construction of your home. Since most building contractors charge twice as much for labor as they do for the materials they use in a project, this action will significantly reduce costs.

5. Adjust the house size to fit your budget

When you construct a home that is the right size, you will also save a lot of money. Calculations are the most effective method for figuring out what this is.

Building larger homes is more expensive than building smaller ones, and maintaining large families is more expensive than maintaining small families.

For instance, building a slightly larger home for your family and adding extra bedrooms could result in very high maintenance costs due to energy use and other expenses.

6. Get a good architect.


This advice will improve the quality of your building project without necessarily lowering costs.

A competent architect will create a secure and sturdy home for you, saving you from having to make additional purchases. Additionally, they will offer cheaper alternatives to the current materials.

While some architects are pricey, there are also affordable and excellent options.

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7. Buy materials for yourself.

If you choose to purchase the building supplies yourself rather than paying someone else to do so, you can build a house in Kenya for less money.

You can check prices, make price comparisons, and determine your own needs in this manner without interference from anyone else. Additionally, you will save money by not having to pay someone else to do the work for you.

8. Create and stick to a budget.

This advice on how to build a house cheaply in Kenya is more about organizing yourself so that you can live within your means rather than necessarily about saving money.

Set aside a set sum of money for your project’s expenses.

In addition to adhering to this budget, you should make sound future plans to prevent long-term losses.

9. Supervise the construction process

Although maintaining control is necessary when working with contractors, this advice might not be particularly applicable to building the house on a limited budget.

Keep an eye on your project frequently, and if anything seems off, ask the contractors to explain.

By doing this, you can fulfill your agreement without having to pay more due to the contractor’s mistakes.

10. Always check for quality.

To make sure you are getting what you paid for, it’s also crucial to regularly check the construction and material quality. By being able to spot issues as soon as they arise, you will be able to avoid fraud and save money.

You can use various quality check platforms available on the web to check the quality of goods for construction and requirements.

Summary: How to Build a House Cheaply in Kenya

I hope this article has enriched you with some valuable information on how to construct a home on a budget. Make sure you have all the contact information before you purchase anything or sign any contracts for your project. Ask questions if anything is unclear so you are completely aware of what you are getting into.