Highest-Paying Parastatals in Kenya and Salary Scales

Here is a list of the highest-paying parastatals in Kenya and the salary scales that are used to remunerate their employees.

Parastatals are state corporations or public corporations that are completely controlled by the government. The government has full control if it owns more than 95% of the total share capital.

The parastatals have a lot of money as a result; some pay less and others pay more. The word “less” is used figuratively and does not refer to any other jobs. In Kenya, parastatals typically offer some of the highest salaries.

Jambo Daily team conducted forensic research and is now presenting salary scales of Kenya’s top paying parastatals.

Highest-Paying Parastatals in Kenya and Salary Scales

1. National Security & Intelligent Service (NIS)

This is one of Kenya’s highest-paying state corporations. A newcomer can expect to earn between Ksh. 119,000 and Ksh. 165,000. This parastatal’s average salary per employee is Ksh. 183,000.

If you want to learn more about how to register for their portal, follow this link and submit your profile and credentials to be notified of new job openings.

2. Central Bank of Kenya (CBK)

The CBK is another government institution with generous pay for its employees. A fresh graduate in CBK earns around Ksh. 150,000, whereas a senior manager earns more than Ksh. 600,000. Employees in this body earn an average of Ksh. 200,000.

CBK is with no doubt one of the highest-paying parastatals in the country.

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3. Nairobi Securities Exchange

This body deals with investments, so it serves as a hub for the purchase of shares and investments. The Nairobi Stock Exchange provides share prices for publicly traded companies. NSE pays well.

A junior actuary earns around Ksh 165,000 per month, though this varies depending on qualifications. Senior employees earn more than Ksh. 300,000.

4. Kenya Airports Authority

This is yet another government agency that lavishes its employees with pay. This parastatal manages Kenya’s airstrips and airports. Graduate trainees earn between Ksh. 130,000 and Ksh. 150,000 as their starting salary.

If you are a good finance manager, this is the type of salary that will motivate you to invest in various areas. In fact, the majority of Kenya Airports Authority employees earn more than Ksh. 181,000.