Cheapest Furniture Stores in Kenya

This is s list of the cheapest furniture stores in Kenya. Everyone wants the best furniture for their home or office yet at an affordable price. We all want quality, style, and class that is also reasonably priced.

We list the cheapest furniture stores in Kenya, especially in Nairobi and other major towns in Kenya that sell quality furniture at an affordable price.

However, finding the best furniture of this type among Kenya’s many furniture stores is always a challenge. There are numerous furniture shops, suppliers, and stores in Kenya that claim to sell the best quality furniture.

Nonetheless, there are numerous home and office furniture stores in Nairobi and throughout Kenya that sell high-quality furniture.

Jambo Daily has researched the best places to buy furniture in Nairobi Kenya for you to save you time and keep you informed. There are definitely the best furniture stores that offer the best furniture prices in Kenya.

For example, during annual sales and promotional seasons is the best time to purchase your desired cozy couch. You will save a lot of money while receiving the same high quality.

Some of the factors we considered when deciding on the cheapest places to buy furniture in Kenya are the quality of the furniture and the value given to the furniture based on average furniture prices in Kenya.

Cheapest Furniture Stores in Kenya

1. Furniture Elegance

cheapest furniture stores

Furniture elegance is also one of the cheapest furniture stores located in Nairobi Kenya. Furniture elegance is a great furniture store because of their great tried, tested, and accepted furniture that comes with a variety of prices.

Their furniture selection includes home furniture, office furniture, and general pieces for any space. These types of furniture include table rooms, dining tables, coffee tables, bedroom furniture, and kitchen furniture, all of which have excellent financing options.

Furniture elegance has the best furniture prices in Kenya, despite having good financing options. Their furniture ranges in price from Ksh. 8,000 for a milo coffee table to Ksh. 285,000 for a Dalia Classic sofa set.

Furniture elegance provides the elegance of a great furniture outlook that is typically overlooked. Our moving clientele is an excellent complement to the furniture elegance team. They are located in Nairobi’s Paramount Plaza.

2. Victoria Courts

Victoria Courts is a well-known legend in the furniture industry as one of the best places to buy furniture in Nairobi and throughout Kenya. This legendary furniture chain has high-end and high-quality furniture for every room.

If you need home furniture in Kenya or office furniture in Nairobi, Victoria Courts have a large selection. To name a few, they have recliner-size seats for kids, Grayson single recliners, Vanessa coffee tables, and other home and office furniture.

Furthermore, Victoria Courts have reliable furniture prices in Kenya, at a good value. A single Ciceria recliner seat at Victoria Courts ranges from Ksh. 30,000 to Ksh. 400,000 for the Bralice 7-seater Fabric recliner.

Splendor at Victoria Court can be tailored. They have furniture stores in Westlands, Garden City Mall, and Mombasa Road Warehouse in Nairobi.

3. Furniture Palace

Furniture palace is one of the cheapest furniture stores in Nairobi to buy furniture. This cool furniture store is well-known in Kenya for its quality, value, and elegance in home and office furniture.