Best Vehicle Tracking Companies in Kenya

Here is a list of some of the best-known vehicle tracking companies in Kenya. Everyone loves his/her vehicle, but have you fitted it with a tracking system from a reputable vehicle tracking company?

You can keep an eye on your car or motorcycle’s operations with the aid of the tracking system from these best vehicle tracking companies. It details the locations and number of trips that your car has taken.

Vehicle tracking systems from various companies had grown in popularity as of 2019. Today, vehicle teaching devices have become popular and many companies have developed systems to track their client’s vehicles whenever necessary.

The Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), Global Positioning System (GPS), and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) are being installed by car owners to monitor their engines. Once you’ve integrated your car into the system, you can find it at any time using your phone.

Best Vehicle Tracking Companies in Kenya

1. RiverCross Vehicle Tracking


For more than 20 years, it has provided vehicle tracking services. A group of highly qualified software engineers at RiverCross are able to create tracking systems for your vehicle.

The BlueTrax Tracking and Monitoring interface is provided by the car tracking business in Nairobi. You can use it to view, examine, and disseminate information about your vehicle. Additionally, you get automated Email or SMS alerts and reports. Finally, you can access all the data using your desktop or smartphone.

2. Lions Auto E.A. Ltd

A vehicle or Boda Boda tracking device is offered by Lions Auto E.A. Ltd. to keep your car safe from thieves. For the purpose of tracking your car, the company has internal GPS and GSM antennas. Additionally, a microprocessor chip is available for faster tracker performance.

You can encourage your drivers to drive defensively by using Lion’s tracking system. Additionally, the vehicle tracking business offers its services to NGOs, security companies, car rental agencies, and taxi companies.

3. Carro Vehicle Tracking Solutions Kenya Ltd

It is a GPS tracking business that sells vehicle tracking systems for 15,000 Kenyan Shillings. Carro Company sells goods like the GPS Digital Speed Governor, fuel monitoring, and vehicle loading. Additionally, you could install a vehicle CCTV in your vehicle.

You can monitor the weight of your vehicle with the GPS load sensor to improve security while traveling. The load sensor costs Ksh 120,000 and is sold by the vehicle tracking company.

4. TrailMyCar Solutions Ltd

Best Car Tracking Companies

One of the Kenyan companies that offer vehicle tracking, fleet management, fuel monitoring, and anti-theft solutions is TrailMyCar. The business uses wireless communication along with a GPS tracking system.

The system allows you to track the location of your car and receive notifications in the event of an accident or vehicle hijacking. Associated Motors, Dodi Motors, Toyota Keya Ltd., Equity Bank, and others are some of the partners with the vehicle tracking company.

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